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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Box Art:

DDM's review of: Rhinox

Name: Rhinox
Function: Maximal Defence

“The ground shakes with a terrible thunder as jungle trees snap like twigs. The noise draws closer in a cloud of dust and dirt. A herd of stampeding elephants? No. It's Rhinox, defending his territory from Predacon attackers! Courageous and cunning, had never backed down from battle, nor been injured in any way. Not even double-barreled laser cannons can cut through his triple-thick, steel-plated skin! If he comes your way, run for cover, fast!”

Ah yes, Rhinox. Growing up and watching the show, Rhinox was one of the characters that bored me in the cartoon series. I can’t really describe what it was, but it may have been the inconsistencies between the show version and the toy version of Rhinox.

Alternate Mode:
Rhinox’s alternate mode is a big, strong, sturdy rhinoceros. It disguises his robot form fairly well, unless you turn it upside down. But then again, that is a common thing for most transformers. His main colors are various shades of light brown, red for his eyes and gold for his horn. This mode lacks most articulation, his legs can move, but easily disrupt his disguise and sometimes reveal robot bits here and there. However, you can open and close his mouth on a whim without worrying about exposing his lovely robot innards.

Robot Mode:
Rhinox, Maximize! You know, in the show Rhinox probably yelled that line about 6 times per episode, yet what he turned into looked very little like this… Rhinox transforms into a rather heavily armored fellow, what with his animal rump hanging off his legs, and animal legs hanging from his arms. This isn’t to say he’s bad of course, just not the same. His weapons on the other hand are top notch. The multi-piece chain mace/saw thing is really fun to play with because of the unique weapon mechanism that allows it to spin. And the sword just looks downright scary. Really, it’s a decent looking robot mode but I just wish that it would have been closer to how he was portrayed on the television in my family room.

Transformation: 5, the transformation is easy, it’s properly positioning the kibble afterwards that gives it a 5.
Durability: 7, it’s lasted me thus far, but the paint is wearing off of his horn, and he has a lot of little hinges and nubs that could break off.
Fun: 8, the chain weapon alone gives him a 6 the other two come from the fact that a rhino is a really fun animal mode.
Price: N/A (Received as a gift) He’s pretty expensive as far as Beast Wars go, but he shouldn’t run you that much.
Overall: 7, definately a fun toy, but it just seems like sometimes he’d be nicer to leave as a animal.
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