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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ravimus' review of: Skyshadow

Name: Sky shadow
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Camouflage Expert

An intelligent, brilliant colored robot, Sky Shadow is one of the most charismatic and popular of the Predacons. A good statesman and leader, he acts as one of Megatron's most trusted counselors. In actuality however, he despises everyone and wants nothing more than to rule the Predacons with his own, "more imaginative techniques." He is an expert in concealment and surprise-assault tactics; with reptilian patience he can lie for days in wait and then suddenly attack with a powerful turbo-missile, or convert to robot form and overwhelm unsuspecting Maximals with his devastating saw-edged pincer. Powerful wings allow him to hover over targets, giving him a distinct advantage with targeting accuracy and in reconnaissance missions.

I was never too fond of the Fuzors, but still, I bought every one of them. I came across Sky Shadow a few years ago and purchased him straight away. Just because I thought he looked good on card. The Sky Shadow mould is an interesting one, and it was recoloured as the Blendron, Drancron, in the Beast Wars Neo line. I do like him though, but he suffers from the usual Fuzor trait; Great beast mode and a robot mode with a few let downs. Continued...

Beast Mode:
Sky Shadow is a combination of a dragonfly and some kind of lizard in beast mode. The colours are a bit garish, but they suit this beast. But I think a darker green could have worked better. The head is that of a lizardís, and is coloured red, blue and orange, with yellow eyes. His mouth can open to reveal some teeth, which are left green, the base colour.
The sculpting on Sky Shadow is excellent. The dragonfly-like wings are moulded with "vein" detailing and the front legs have scale detailing. His back has moulded red bug eyes and he has a dragonfly tail. And he has better poseability than most Fuzors. He has ball-socket joints in his legs, and two of his four wings can be moved forward and backward by moving a tab. But his head can't be moved. Still, itís an excellent choice of two beasts to be brought together.

Robot Mode:
Sky Shadow gets a bit weirder in robot mode. His head isn't the usual kind at all. It's somewhat reminiscent of Transquito's head, but this had more detailing and looks better. The base colour is green but there is more red around the face. He has lovely green eyes and blue pinchers around his mouth. You can fire a missile from his mouth, but not the spring-loaded way. It doesn't go too far... His chest is green with red patterns, a nice addition. On the sides of his chest are orange wings, which look excellent. His poseability is fairly good with ball-socket joints used in most places. But alas, he has no hands. One arm has two wings that are used as pinchers, and the other has a claw attached to the beast head. But at least a weapon is put in place of his hand. Despite that, itís a good robot mode.

Transformation: 8. Very difficult, and the instructions don't help much either.
Durability: 8. The smaller wings can come off...
Fun: 9. Fun stuff to keep you happy in both modes.
Price: 9. Just over $10 MoC.
Overall: 7. It's a seven for me, but a lot of people would have problems with the hand issue and the garish colours. You've heard what I think of it, now you have a good long think about buying it. Take your time since it's plentiful on eBay.

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