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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

DDM's review of: Tigatron

Name: Tigatron
Function: Maximal Reconnaissance

Appointed by Optimus Primal for northern polar sector reconnaissance. Roams the frozen tundra in animal form, but quickly converts to robot mode for battle, removing its titanium tail and converting it to a powerful quasar cannon to vaporize Predacons. Powerful and considered fearless, Tigatron is also equipped with a toxic fluid blaster that stops enemies cold, rendering their bodies useless!

I was always a sucker for the original Cheetor mold, so when they repainted it for Tigatron, I was more than happy. After all, Tigatron had a better character in the show than Cheetor did anyway.

Alternate Mode:
Tigatron takes the form of a tiger (surprisingly) for his alternate mode. But this isnít just some boring Siberian tiger; this is a white Siberian tiger. Tigers are definitely beautiful animals, and it seems like when it came to making this toy, Hasbro knew they were too. The stripes are nicely applied, they arenít uniform but they arenít super organized either. I also love the way it hides all of his robot parts aside from his robot mode legs, which you can see on the back of his rear tiger legs.

Robot Mode:
Armed with two very large weapons, Iím sure this robot can patrol the arctic regions very efficiently. This form adds some silver to the mix as his crotch guard and shins, and adds a lot more of the teal colour seen in his beast mode eyes. He is very articulate, and very easy to pose due to not having any huge pieces of kibble hanging off of him. Also, a nice gimmick is that like Cheetor, Tigatronís gut gun can be filled with water (or other liquids, if you must) and shot out at unsuspecting Predacons. I personally never did this with either toy, because I hate having it leak excess water all over the shelf. Also, one of the things they did to distinguish him from cheetor (as well as the other 1996 repaints) was to use his mutant head on the tech specs card insead of his normal head, while his mutant head looks interesting, much like an insect or alien I still very much prefer his normal head.

Transformation: 4 - Easy and very fun to perform.
Durability: 9 - Mine is 10 years old now, and he shows no sign of weakness in joints or anything.
Fun: 8 - Very articulate, fun transformation and a decent gimmick, what more can you want?
Price: N/A (Given as a gift) - But I could probably guess and say fairly expensive due to him being on the television show and he wasn't ever released in Europe. I saw two on Ebay, one MOSC for 80$ USD, and one as part of a used lot with a buy it now of 50 USD.
Overall: 10 - Amazing mold, amazing paintjob, just amazing.
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