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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ravimus' review of: Transmetal 2 Iguanus

Name: Iguanus
Allegiance: Predacon
"The shortest path between two Maximal points is a heat seeking missile."

Iguanus is a master of combat calculations. Armed with long range tactical missiles capable of carrying a wide variety of warheads, his firepower rating is among the highest of the Predacons. Able to accurately calculate target position from incredible distances, he obliterates enemies from thousands of kilometers with cutthroat precision. Special titanium armor plating withstands even the most severe blasts.

This toy is the upgraded Transmetal 2 version of the original of the same name. I got this as a birthday present (before I got the original) and had high expectations of it. But as soon as I started playing with it, I got shot in the eye. Yes, more on that in the full review. Overall, I feel this is a very original transformer, but that the original is still better. Now for a full assessment...

Beast Mode:
Iguanus is a Transmetal 2 frilled lizard in his beast mode. You can easily see the resemblance between this and the original. But that just goes for the form of the beast, other than that, this is totally different. Iguanus has a funky palette of colours, and unlike most TM2's, the paint doesn't chip. He also has a quite unique head sculpt. One side of his face he has a somewhat regular eye, but on the other he has a much bigger, mechanical eye with more detailing.
The poseability has improved a decent amount from the original, there are only two problems with this figure: One, the parts around his neck can easily come off, in fact only 2 of these parts are left on mine. Two, the missile launcher in his mouth has a habit of firing at random times. The missile shot into my eyes a few times, so I tend not to arm him anymore.

Robot Mode:
I have to say, this is a really cool and original design. His head sculpt is nothing like the original's. But not necessarily better. He has an eye patch, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. he also has a tail coming out of his head, which doesn't look too great, and means he can't turn his head 360 degrees. And... he has a skirt. Along with the eye patch he really has a comical look, despite a sinister look on his face. But his skirt is made up of the frill around his beast mode head, and can easily come off. Iguanus has good poseability, and a club weapon (which is the missile that could be launched from his beast head). And finally, you can open a detailed little chamber on his chest to reveal his spark crystal, which is very pretty.

Transformation: 4. The trick is not to break off the parts on his neck while transforming him.
Durability: 5. I've lost all but two of his skirt parts, and that missile problem again.
Fun: 7. A transformer with an eye patch. That's fun for some reason. And he has good poseability and such... But not too many gimmicks.
Price: 9. Mint on card, it goes for about $8.
Overall: 7. I'd hesitate before buying him. He has a lot of durability problems, and he doesn't appeal to everyone.

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