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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ravimus' review of: Transmetal 2 Nightglider

Name: Night Glider
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Intelligence Operative
"Do not go gently into that Good Night."

Nightglider is the most skillful Maximal spy. A creature of the night, he operates best alone. Can virtually escape detection- emits an electromagnet cloaking field, is soundless in flight, disappears in subdued light or shadow. Electro-disruptor can cast illusions, altering his physical placement and appearance for up to 10 minutes. Devoted to the Maximal cause; despises Predacons. Wields serrated energon sword.

Night Glider is the one and only squirrel transformer. What more can I say, he didn't make much of an appearance in the Beast Wars comic and wasn’t in the show... He's orange. But all in all I'd say this is a good transformer.

Beast Mode:
Night Glider is a flying squirrel in beast mode, though it's not too true to real life, being metallic, mechanical and orange. But that's all Transmetal 2s' for ya'. But really, the structure isn't very flying squirrel like... A real flying squirrel has flaps of skin attached from their front legs to their hind legs, but Night Glider has a basic squirrel shape and wings attached to his sides, but not to his legs. But that's nitpicking, Night Glider has a lot of detailing on his wings and tail and a good range of poseability.

Robot Mode:
This is the better of the two modes. Night Glider has poseaility that would make the Cyber Jets wish they had ankle joints. Right at the centre of his chest is his Spark Crystal, which as ever is very pretty. And he has a sword would you believe. It can be stored in his tail, which is up against his back in robot mode. It's a symmetrical grey sword with some detailing. Not a lot, but it still looks the part. One complaint I have is that the paint job is really sloppy. I had the same problem with Insecticon. It could be fixed, but I couldn't be bothered...

Transformation: 3. Piddle!
Durability: 10. No problems with mine in this category.
Fun: 10. A sword! He's one up on most beast wars figures
Price: ? Can't find it on eBay, but I assume it's rare. I got mine for a pittance a few years ago anyway.
Overall: 8.5. A great figure, I'd recommend it to any Beast Wars fan. Good luck finding it.

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