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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ravimus' review of: Transmetal 2 Spittor

Name: Spittor
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Amphibious Warrior
"Iím mean to the core. I got meanness oozing out of every pore."

Driven by anger and galvanized by confidence in his craft, Spittor will do whatever necessary to achieve his deadly assignments. Highly skilled under sea and on land, he is the soundless warrior who Megatron reserves for the jobs that require seamless execution - a true professional. Covered in poison from head to tail, it was rumored that rubbing his back would bring luck but only resulted in several Predacons slipping into severe and extended dementia. Dangerously patient; has an electro-venom tongue which actually detaches to be wielded as a weapon in robot mode. Can leap one-quarter mile in a single bound. Has camouflaged spinal claw that eliminates frontal attacks. Unrefined and consumed by repressed anger; dislikes all things but is extremely devoted to Megatron.

The toy being reviewed here is the Transmetal 2 version of the original with the same name. He was released in 1999 and later recoloured into Slapper for the R.I.D line. Generally, I am a fan of Beast Wars basic figures. They all have little quirks and great poseability. And this one is no different. I'm glad I picked him up all those years ago.

Beast Mode:
Just like the original, Spittor is a frog in beast mode. But unlike the original, this is a mecha-frog. The main colours here are lime green and two different shades of blue. He also has vacuumised pink eyes, and some metallic green on his back. The colours are excellent, very unusual and G2 like. He has rough and bumpy detailing moulded onto his legs and back. His head is well sculpted and you will even find teeth inside his mouth. His poseability is excellent with ball-socket joints used in most places. He also has somewhat of a tongue; you can attach a whip like thing with a buzz saw on the end to the inside of his mouth. However, it can't be stored inside his mouth so it's either sticking out or totally unattached. But that's not a real problem. On to robot mode...

Robot Mode:
...Here we are. The same colours carry over from beast mode with some more lime green on his abdomen. Overall, Spittor looks like a hunchback in robot mode. His head isn't mounted on his shoulders as one would expect. It sticks out from above his chest. To add to that appearance, he has the bulk of his beast mode on his shoulders. It's not a very traditional robot mode, but it's unusual and I welcome it. Poseability is excellent, with ball-socket joints used for the wrists and ankles as well as all the other major joints. His waist can even swivel. Spittor has one weapon, which is his beast mode "tongue" as mentioned before. It acts as a whip in this mode. It's no gun, but it is fairly detailed and makes him look that little bit nicer. He also has a mechanical claw on his shoulder pad that acts as something of a third arm that can't reach forward, but still I like it. An excellent robot mode overall, I can't find anything wrong with it.

Transformation: 6. None too challenging but harder than most basics.
Durability: 9. The mechanical claw can come off with a bit of force, but it can be easily fixed.
Fun: 9. Two pretty fun modes, but more or better weapons couldn't hurt.
Price: 8.5. Complete for around $7, MoC is a bit more expensive, plus he's rare.
Overall: 8.75. A nice little basic figure, he's not choc full of gimmicks or special features but he'll keep you occupied until your next expensive figure. However his "weirdness" may not appeal to every one. You may also want to consider buying him in a lot. But he's pretty rare. If you've decided to buy him, good luck hunting on eBay.

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