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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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ravimus prime's review of: Transmetal 2 Cybershark

Name: Cybershark
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Tracker, Ocean Attack
"The ocean depths conceal all intentions."

Detecting Predacon activity from over 20,000 fathoms below the ocean surface, Cybershark hunts his enemies at over 600 knots. From there, little room is left for escape. Armor piercing, jaw mounted sonar tracer torpedoes have water-to-air capabilities. Spin-drive tail boosts speed and acts as a quad-bladed razor weapon in attack and robot modes. Also deploys thruster jets for higher speed and limited low-level flight. A fierce warrior, Cybershark honed his skills while bounty hunting a rogue band of Cybertronian space pirates. Fully dedicated to the Maximal cause, he often follows his own methods to the frustration of his commander, Depth Charge. Calculating and fearless, he gives the Predacons a good reason to stay out of the water.

Beast Mode:
Naturally, Cybershark has a shark alt-mode. A transmetal 2 shark. Green, metallic blue and grey are the main colours here. The metallic blue paint tends to flake a bit. It has the shape of a great white shark, unlike the original, which was a hammerhead shark. His body is at a curve, which is a nice touch. Itís a great sculpt that even has gills. It says on the box that he has a bonus flight mode. All you do is pull down two blades on either side of his rear fin. Then you move a dial to create a propeller like action. He has a dual missile launcher in his mouth, but it's very difficult to close his mouth with it in. The missile's are very long, and easily bend inside the mouth. Still, itís a good beast mode.

Robot Mode:
Not many shark parts can be seen in this mode that would give away his alt-mode except in the rear where he has a shark head on his bum. Amusing to some, I suppose... His head sculpt is quite nice. He has a big grin on his face and his dorsal fin is on his head. It doesn't have any similarities to the original Cybershark though. His fins can be held in his right hand as a boomerang; his other arm has a claw. You can move the dial to create a spinning action again. You can place his dual missile launcher in his hand, but it doesn't stay in it very well, and will often just fall out. Many parts on Cybershark will just fall off. They are held on to the main body by clips instead of ball/socket joints. Finally, Cybersharkís spark crystal is in the centre of his chest and is a mint-green colour. Now let's review...

Transformation 9. More awkward than difficult.
Durability: 5. Things just fall off...
Fun: 9. Gimmicks to keep you happy.
Price: 8. Around $15. Not bad.
Overall: 8. It's the durability that annoys me. Nevertheless, it's a cool toy. But he's fairly rare 7 years from when he was first released in stores. Good luck on eBay...
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