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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

ravimus prime's review of: Transmetal 2 Scourge

Name: Scourge
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Special Operations Combatant

Scourge is possibly the most despicable of the already loathsome Predacons. Delights in taking depravity to all-time-low levels. Obsessed with germ-warfare and lethal chemical development. Despised by peers for his inclination to test deadly viral and bacterial concoctions on fellow Predacons. Skilled in combat, Scourge wields photon cluster cannons with chemical warhead capabilities. Has electrostatic disruptors inside antannae; capable of leaping distances exceeding two miles with use of wings.

Beast Mode:
Scourge is a Transmetal 2 locust in beast mode. Its shape is very accurate to a real locust with some mechanical details and funky colours added. There is a fair amount of poseability in this mode, which is nice. And you can pull a tab out from his back and his wings will swivel forward, causing a missile to be fired from one of the wings. He comes with two missiles, but one can be stored in the other wing. The only complaint I have is with the metallic paint. It's incredibly flaky. The slightest touch will cause the paint to peel or flake. That's a bad problem, but from aside from that, Scourge has a good beast mode.

Robot Mode:
To start off, I will say this is a very poor robot mode. I think that the designers were lazy. This mode is like the beast mode standing up-right with a few changes. Scourge has the same hind legs in robot mode. These don't allow much movement at all, and they don't add to his appearence, either. His head sculpt is nice, though: a black head with red eyes, a face plate and bug eyes on his forehead. But again, some problems... He only has one hand which he can hold a missile with, and the other is like a stump, with insect legs hanging off it. Again, a missile can be fired from one of the wings. Once again, it's a poor robot mode.

Transformation: 3. Almost as easy as a minibot.
Durability: 3. The paint flakes, and the front insect legs aren't too durable.
Fun: 6. Good beast mode, but has nothing more to offer in robot mode.
Price: 9. Around $10 on eBay.
Overall: 5. Yep, not one of my favourites, but make what you will of Scourge.
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