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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ravimus' review of: Torca

Name: Torca
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Infantry General

A grand and wise warrior, Torca commands immense respect from his fellow Maximals. Well versed in most combat techniques, Torca's agility is excellent both on land and in water, surprising considering his gigantic size and power. His massive tusks can be used to trap enemy Predacons, making close quarter combat against him practically futile. In both beast and robot mode, Torca can access a dorsal gun which fires spark-diminishing spray, temporarily paralyzing enemy circuits. Impenetrable armor hide and unmatchable power sufficiently discourage Predacon poachers.

The Fuzors were an unusual edition to the Beast Wars line when they were first released in 1998. Their beast modes made up of two animals fused together. In this case, Torca's beast mode is an elephant/whale combination. I decided to pick it up one day, and I liked it to begin with, but it's nothing memorable. Cool name though. Now for a full assessment...

Beast Mode:
As mentioned before, Torca is a freaky combination of a whale and an elephant. You can clearly see the "whale areas" on the main body that has the shape of an elephant. Torca's head is like that of a killer whale, with elephant ears and tusks. His mouth can be opened, but it reveals two teeth from his lower jaw. I can't relate this to an elephant or a whale. Like wise with his feet. He has three clawed toes on his foot, but this isn't very elephant- like. His tail is a combination of a whale and an elephant's tail, a nice touch. And finally, his gimmicks: You can fill a tank on top of his head with water, and squirt it out by moving his dorsal fin forward. I'm not particularly fond of this gimmick however. You can also move the entire water squirter piece forward to make the tusks in. Average beast mode...

Robot Mode:
After a simple transformation, you get Torca's robot mode. However, too many beast parts can be seen in this mode. His front "beast feet" are attached to his fists, his tusks are attached to his head, he has the same rear legs in robot mode, and his beast head and tail can be seen from behind. His head sculpt is fairly original though, with a grill for a mouth, yellow eyes and some nice sculpted patterns on the top of his head. Pity about the tusks... His articulation is fairly good, but his head can't be moved much. That water squirter piece in beast mode becomes his gun in robot mode. A very nice gun actually, with nice mechanical details. Again, you can fill this with water and so on...

Transformation: 3. Like an over- sized minicon.
Durability: 9. Good 'n solid.
Fun: 7. Good fun, but I'm sure a child would like the water squirter better.
Price: 7. Around $20 for an eight-year-old figure MOC isn't bad.
Overall: 6. Yep, nothing special... But you decide, what you see is what you get with Torca, and a cool name along with that.

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