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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ravimus' review of: Transquito

Name: Transquito
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Air Assault and Reconnaissance

There are few that can match Transquito's uncanny ability to track and discover hidden Maximal outposts. Converting to combat mode, he can hold off several Maximals at once with huge, poison-tipped pinchers. Any unfortunate robot surviving a strike from these pinchers is immediately afflicted with an irritating rash and sent into a delirious rage. His powerful wings hurtle him to blazing speeds and create an annoying high-pitched screech known to drive Maximals out of their minds. His manner is highly obnoxious and dangerous, a point well illustrated by a frequent and destructive habit of firing his missile launcher incessantly when upset. Transquito is hated by all who know him.

Transquito is a Beast Wars Transformer. It all started off in Kenner HQ, or maybe Takara. It was designed, and mass-produced. And that's the end of the story. I got him about 5 years ago, long after he was put out of production in the same shop where I got all my early Beast Wars figures. And you would see a reference to that shop in some of my other reviews, but that's neither here nor there. He was also recoloured in the Beast Wars II line as Big Mos. In short, Transquito has a lot of problems, in all aspects of both modes. Now for yet another full assessment ...

Beast Mode:
A mosquito and a transformer=Transquito. Clever name, eh? This part of the review will cover his mosquito alternate mode, as you could probably tell from the title. The main colours here are gold, brown, and translucent yellow. He has lovely detailing on his wings, with red vein detailing running through them. His legs also have sculpted "hair's" on them, and little pinchers on the end of each leg. And his eyes have the honeycomb like detailing. But that's about it, the rest of him is quite smooth and without detailing. You can clearly see the robot parts in this mode however. You can see his hands, feet and knees.

It's also very hard to stand him up with his flimsy legs, along with the fact that his main body is very heavy. His Proboscis (needle thing for sucking blood) also randomly shoots back into his head. This is spring loaded to shoot from his robot head (which is located in the beast head). Despite that he is fairly well articulated, with ball socket joints used for his antennae and legs, and each wing being able to swivel forth and back via a tab.

Battle Platform Mode:
This is only a slight variation of the Beast mode. All you do is swivel forward his back and split the wings. This whole mode acts as a pincher of sorts. You can move the wing blades by a smaller tab on the backpack. Also on this back is a sculpted head with two large eyes. This is the attack mode head, and B'Boom also has something similar. This mode doesn't add much play value, or look too good. But you can still have a little passanger sit on him, which is nice.

Robot Mode:
This is by far the best mode, but it still has some faults. First of all, his head sculpt. It's rather unique and I can't really describe it, but see the photo for yourself. His beast head rests on his chest, which is a common feature in the early Beast Wars figures. His thighs are quite thin in comparison to his legs. But Transquito has a strange design in general, I'm not complaining. His lower legs are nicely decorated with a reddish brown colour and silver. It's nicely decorated and sticks out from the rest of the body. His wings are positioned on his back. And instead of having fists, Transquito has human like hands, which are extremely detailed. it's nice to see this rarity on a Transformer.
He's also extremely poseable, but his feet are hollow, and standing him upright is a bit of a task. It doesn't help that he's top heavy either. His mouth is supposed to shoot a missile when you press a button. But on mine the missile will fire only a few seconds after you load it. But I've heard no other reports of this, but it's not to be over looked.

Transformation: 6. You probably won't need instructions for this.
Durability: 6. The missile won't stay in his mouth, and his beast legs can come off with ease.
Fun: 8. It's fun but some weapons wouldn't go a miss.
Price: 9. Mint or possibly MISB for under $10.
Overall: 7. Transquito has a lot of problems, I'd recommend it if you could get it for a great price or in a lot. Or you may want to try Big Mos, with a slightly better paint job.

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