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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: Demolition Team

Names Broadside, Sledge, and Wideload
Function Demolition
Sub-group Decepticon, Minicon Team

"We play dirty."

If it can be built the Demolition Team can bring it down. Every member of the team is an expert engineer, specializing in weakening and destroying the foundation of any structure they encounter. Before any important battle, you'll find the Demolition Team on site, tunneling beneath enemy fortifications. Entire Autobot cities have collapsed in a thunderous cloud of dust because of the work of these three.

This is my first Minicon review. I am going to briefly review each
individual, then have a summed up total at the end.

This Minicon team seems to be a mixture of the Armada Destruction team and the G1 Combaticons/Constructicons. A good idea, but poorly executed at best.


Vehicle mode

Broadside is a standard military tank. His overall color is a grey-green with some metallic orange stripes to and color. The color and shape remind me G1 Brawl. The treads do not move. Instead, small wheels are attached underneath. They roll well on a smooth surface but not on so well carpet. The cannon moves up for aim, and it rotates with the gunner compartment 360 degrees.

Robot mode

Broadside's robot mode is the best of the group. It stands tall for a Minicon. The colors are the same as in Vehicle Mode. The arms are ball and socket jointed at the shoulders, folding wrists reveal one regular hand and one machine gun hand for weapons. He has hinge joints for the legs. The design of the waist, due to transformation, causes joints to rub or pull on each other easily. The head can rotate since it changes from the cannon. His face is flat and dull with merely a visor and faceplate on it. Not bad but needs work.


Vehicle mode

Sledge's Vehicle is a excavator with a back-hoe type attachment. It is mostly black and yellow on the jointed parts. Some red and metallic blue are in it for detail. The shovel and backhoe both work well, and the wheels rotate just fine.

Robot mode

The robot form looks like a mix between Minicon Buzzsaw and Energon Duststorm. The color shifts to mostly yellow with some black and red parts. The legs are standard rotation joints at the hips and can spin at the knee but not bend. The right arm is the shovel. It has a ball and socket shoulder and hand/shovel joints. The left arm is the backhoe. It can swivel forward or back and rise to about chest height but no higher. The waste is also jointed for turning. The head is small, unarticulated, and thrown off by the large cockpit folded up next to it. The face looks like a construction worker wearing a hard hat. Not my favorite design.


Vehicle mode

The vehicle for Wideload is a dump truck. It looks like Energon's Demolishor to the letter. Its color is mainly green with purple on the bucket sides and black on some joints. It looks good. The wheels roll very well.

Robot mode

The robot is not as impressive as the vehicle. The mostly green and black color theme is all right, but not my taste for a robot. The arms are ball and socket jointed on the shoulders, but are pointed upward and do not function well. The legs bend at the waste and knees. The head doesn't turn, and the face's color is all green with no eyes just a nose and mouth. So much potential…

Transformation: 3 Easy but not fun.
Price: 4 Not really worth the $8
Fun: 6 Only good really in vehicle forms, except Broadside, who doesn't make up for the rest them.
Durability: 5 They won't last to long.
Overall: 5 Not good for a collector or child due to strange construction and weird robot modes.

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