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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Neuronutter's review of: Grimlock

Name: Grimlock
Function: Dinobot Commander

A remake of one of the most classic characters who has been in almost every Transformers incarnation and is a long time fan favourite, this toy has a lot to live up to.

Alt Mode.
A distinct homage to his classic T-Rex form, Grimlock is mostly grey with some black and gold highlights and red eyes with light piping. He has good articulation in his legs, his tiny arms can move up and down, his tail is very flexible and his jaw can open and close. Unfortunately his head can only move up and down, not sideways but this doesn’t limit him too much. The overall look in this mode is best described as chunky and sturdy and he feels very strong and tough, as a Dinobot should. He also has a column on his back which mounts his gun/sword, and looks a little odd but gives you a place to store it when in dino mode. Overall he looks great, really distinct and is a great remake for Grimlock.

Robot Mode.
After a fairly complex transformation, Grimlock stands before you. And he looks just great. He looks very chunky and sturdy and his arms are short giving a powerful look. He does have a little clutter left over from his alt mode though, some behind his arms and a little on his back but it’s not too inhibitory. His head is a nice interpretation of classic Grimlock and he has a red strip for his eyes with light piping. Grimlock’s robot mode is mostly gray like his alt mode, with some gold, some black and a little red as well as a gold chest with a red orb on the right hand side. His arms and legs have a nice amount of articulation, and he has a swivel point below his chest, allowing some varied and dynamic poses. The way his arms are formed from his transformation does limit the shoulders somewhat but overall the articulation is great. His energon sword/gun is very nice but the colour of the gun/sword on the box is red whereas the actual gun/sword is black. The missile that fits the gun is red and the combination is good, but the sword itself being red would’ve been a nice homage to the original energon sword G1 Grimlock had. It could also do with a hand hold on the base so that he could hold it like a sword not just as a gun, but you can’t have everything. He can also hold his tail as another weapon further adding to his image as a bruiser.

Overall Grimlock is great in both modes for display and for play. His articulation allows good posing and he is a great toy.

Transformation: 7. Suitably complex for his size but not overly so.

Durability: 8. He’s strong and sturdy and shouldn’t break too easily.

Fun: 9. He’s great in both modes with tons of play mode especially when you include his weapons.

Price: 7. If you can get him retail he’s fine, but a lot of places seem to be bumping up the price as he’s so popular.

Overall: 9. He’s great, and I love him. I have him sat with the rest of my classics and he really looks the part. Highly recommended. Here’s hoping Hasbro release the rest of the Dinobots!

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