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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Megatron

Name: Megatron
Alligeance: Decepticon
Series: Classics\Henkei (Takara Tomy)
Function: Leader

Megatron. The name is synonymous to Decepticon leader. He is evil in Transformers, reincarnated in every single Transformers universe, the big bad, the scourge of Cybertron, the slagmaker, the Buckethead...and is the guy who always gets beaten up at the end of the day. Erm, moving on...

Due to legal problems, a gun Megatron has never been released ever since G1. Until now. Classics Megatron takes a nerf gun as his alt mode. A Megatron with kiddy purple, orange and nauseating green in him. Urgh.

I liked the movie leader Megatron I own, but... there's something about it that is just NOT Megatron. Not that the movie version ain't great, but still... No fusion cannon? The wierd head? Claws? I was going to wait for Animated Earth mode Megatron, the V22 Osprey, and grab him. (I don't like Cybertron mode too much) But then...this guy appears behind boxes of Animated Voyager Bulkhead. Five seconds of looking at it, and it's mine.

Megs' original alternate mode in G1, as we all know, was a Walther P38 U.N.C.L.E. Handgun (thanks FortMax), which used to be a Microman. It has the distinction of being... ugly in robot mode. Megs' cartoon and comic incarnation are very good and looks great.

This time round Megatron is finally, FINALLY a gun again. Yay! A...a...NERF gun?? But then, considering Hasbro is a toy company, they gotta do what a toy company is supposed to do and follow the rules. According to our Detective Barricade, his new alternate mode is based on the Nerf N-Strike Maverick.

Megatron loses all his garish and flashy neon green and purple and orange, replacing them for standard black and bright red to make it less plain for wee 'uns out there.

And I must say, what an improvement a recolour had made! Gone are the paintbucket colours, in with the true classic colours. Yay! The trademark fusion cannon and handle is black, with a large Decepticon symbol om the fusion cannon. The eyepiece/fusion cannon has a crosshairs in a red transparent layer to see thru. Nice little feature.

The blocky gun is surely NOT based on any known real firearm. The main detracting feature is the barrel. A stub. Literally. Yeech. The less said the better. Honestly, can't Hasbro/Takara Tomy make the gun mode more realistic? Megs sure has an ugly fashion choice.

The blocky, boxy gun is, shortly not too good. Meggy's handle is quite easy to hold, for my hand at least.

The trigger clicks but obviously doesn't fire. Boo. On the better side there are no flashy lights or 'boom boom' sound effects, unlike some recent toys.

I don't have the original classics to compare, so let's conclude this. A solid gun mode which looks blocky, and completely 'child-safe' unless you use it to clobber somebody on the head. Needless to say, my less preferred game.

Megatron looks imposing and completely like the G1 incarnation. Completely poseable, unlike the blocky Classics Rodimus. (who takes G1 esque too far)

Megatron's blocky gun sides form two large 'wings', looking like Beast Wars Megatron in that way. The main difference, it ain't green, making Megatron look much better on the inside.

Megatron is very poseable, and sturdy too, with 'back toes', or so I like to call it. His articulation in robot mode is rather impressive. All the parts of his body can move and moves quite well, I might add. he is very poseable, and very playable too. His hands have standard holes, so he can hold other weapons in the Classics line, such as Mirage's gun, Astrotrain's gun, Rodimus's gun, Grimlock's tail... His fusion cannon is mounted on the bottom of his palm, so it looks a bit wierd.

Megatron stands very impressively, looking 'Megatron' instead of 'maniacal toy gun with maniacal colours which transforms into a robot which coincidentally looks like Megatron'.

Megatron is imposing in this mode, with shining red eyes. Obviously NOT the clunky frankenstein his original toy was, and this is because of the different transformation sequence. The trigger ends up on his back. His iconic fusion cannon is still on the right hand. Nothing fires, regrettably. The only thing that will make this guy better is to include the energon flail Megs is famous for.

Included in the package is instructions (In japanese. Don't worry, pics are clear enough) and a short comic book, also in Japanese, featuring classics Megatron, Prime, Starscream, Bumblebee, Grimlock and Mirage.

I for one reccomend you to take this toy. Fans of Decepticons, fans of Megatron, fans of Transformers in general... I mean, when else will you get a Megatron which transforms into a gun, doesn't have an ugly robot mode, but not in garish gun colours?

DURABILITY 10/10 Very sturdy. Somebody hit you in the head in gun mode, you die.
TRANSFORMATION 9/10 Very well thought of, the ugly barrel aside.
PRICE 10/10 A steal.
FUN 9/10 He is Megatron! Decked a fraction for an ugly gun mode.
OVERALL 9.5/10
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