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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Rijie

Name: Rijie/Ligier/Mirage
Alligeance: Autobot (for now)
Series: Henkei Classics
Function: Spy
Alt Mode: Formula 1 Racing Car

"Who and what I am I hide from the enemy."

Mirage! One of the very first Autobots. Mirage is very famous for his ability to disappear, as well as being accused by Cliffjumper as a traitor. Fact: Along with Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream and Prowl, Mirage is the most reused names in the various Transformers series. This is gonna be one heckuva doozy history paragraph...

The name Mirage was first used in the first wave of Autobot cars, as a Ligier JS11 F1 racing car. I believe there is also a Gobot Mirage, and probably one in the Machine Wars. A toy-only Vehicon drone appeared in Beast Machines. His alternate mode is a dinosaur... no seriously, yet another F-1 Racing car. The next major Mirage is in RiD, where he is a spychanger F1 car again. He can disappear too. The next Mirage, in Armada, is part of the Skyboom shield Mini-Cons. Again, a F1. Some people have no imagination. Then, another Mirage appeared in Energon, as the reincarnated form of the giant Decepticon Tidal Wave. This Mirage went all goo-goo over Megatron. Ew. Mirage appeared in the alternators toyline as a blue Fort GT, and as a Fort GT a Mirage was included in the Movie card game.

Finally, in the Classics line Hasbro released a Mirage toy. This mold would later be used to make the FEMALE Decepticon Fracture. What this tells us about Mirage's sexuality is best left untouched.

G1 Mirage had minimal role in both the Animated and comic, usually appearing as a spy and crowd filler, other than his co-spotlight episode with Cliffy in 'Traitor.' However, his personality of being a 'Mystery Man' and being generally high and lofty is well remembered. Especially by Cliffjumper. He eventually ceased to appear in Season 3, after the Movie. In the comics he was killed by an Underbase powered Starscream.

Included in the Henkei version, like Megatron, is a comic in Japanese, showcasing Classics Megs, Screamer, Prime, Grimlock, Bumblebee and Mirage. Though Mirage only appears at the last few panels, turning visible to inform Prime about a new threat. (see volume two--included in Henkei Astrotrain) Also included is a tech specs card. No rub signs, much to the disappointment of rubsign fans.

Since this is his Henkei release, the proper name would be Rijie or Ligier. But I want to call him with Mirage, it's easier.

Anyways, Mirage transforms into an Indianapolis Formula One racecar. Like all the classics, this alt mode is close to the original but much more modernized, and streamlined.

He rolls quite well on the ground. There is difference between the Hasbro release (granted, I never saw it in flesh) first, chromed parts. For Mirage, it is the spoiler and the front thingy. (the gun. Duh.) Second, the spoiler... All the 'Witwicky' and 'Lithone' stuff... Gone! Like Mirage! This makes a sleeker race car instead of a cameo station.

Nope, no kibble, nosireee... Unless you look at the bottom. The one fault Mirage has is that his gun keeps drooping. I love the vehicle mode. It ain't blocky, it got chrome, it is sexy (eat your heart out Sunstreaker!), overall, a very satisfying vehicle mode.

One thing about the robot mode: it is very poseable, although the feet are split at the knee due to transformation. Looks like G1, only better! One thing, this mold has many knockoffs, so be aware. Oooo...

The way Mirage's seat ends on the chest, his head, the number '26' on the hands... All this hark back to G1. His weapon is now his front thing, wielded as a gun or crossbow. It can be stored at the back. His face and body shows a fast, agile, clever warrior. Ready to be a red herring for Cliffjumper! Yay!

Little known fact: Mirage was supposed to be killed in Transformers: the Movie. In a deleted scene, he sneaked up on Bombshell and shot him before being blasted by Megatron. Along with Shockwave's, Red Alert's, Trailbreaker's and several others' deaths, they never made it past the storyboards.

Some people dislike his proportions, but at least he ain't blocky. I mean, put this guy in front of ya. Ya'll love 'im. Unlike the blocky Rodimus or Astrotrain, Mirage has very little kibble, allowing him to do a wide range of poses. Very good for display. Think Animated Prowl or Oil Slick. Forget Jazz, they should have made Mirage a ninja in Animated. And be a rival with Cliffy. Hey, he disappears, and his personality is a mystery man. All we need now is a good Classics Cliffjumper figure that is not a simple Bumblebee redeco. Why Spotlight Mirage doesn't use the Classics body I don't know.

This is as close as it gets to the perfect Transformer. Major (well, not too major) character, nice vehicle mode, poseable robot mode, weapon is a gun instead of scissors, canisters, traffic lights (poor Signal Lancer!) etc. Grab Mirage if you see him.

DURABILITY 7/10 joints get loose, the midsection scares me, and you might loose the gun. Le horror.
TRANSFORMATION 3/10 you don't need instructions. However, it is very creative and well-designed. Considering Movie Ironhide...
PRICE 8/10 At a deluxe, he's a steal.
FUN 9/10 Are you kidding? This guy disappears, fer goodness sake!
OVERALL 10/10 One of the cheaper, better toys. Highly recommended if you don't have the original Classics Mirage. Just watch out for knockoffs.
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