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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Knightdramon's review: Henkei Prowl

Name: Prowl
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Um...sub commander?

Prowl has always been one of the most iconic autobot figures for me. As a kid I missed out on his toy [got Jazz instead] and with the exception of the Binaltech version [long since sold] I never got a proper homage to this character. Fast forward to 2008, with the new universe line, Prowl gets the attention he deserves. I waited patiently for the months to bide until I got the Henkei version and let me say, the wait has been worth it. Big time.

Alternate Mode

Prowl sets off as a patrol car once again, very closely following the lines and curves of his IDW comic incarnation. The actual reference model must be a Nissan 350Z, but it's not a totally accurate transition by any account. The figure measures around 11 centimetres long in vehicle mode, with a height of around 5 centimetres to the top of his siren.

White, black and red are the main colours this deco utilizes. The main body is cast in white with black trim on the bottom. The doors, roof and sides of the front are cast in clear plastic, all of which is painted in white and black [for the bottom of the doors and also for the windows\windshield]. The white on the main body and the clear parts does not match, but it's not really noticeable at first glance. Red paint is used for some of the front lights and the stop lights at the back and the siren is cast in clear red plastic. A red Autobot logo is tampographed on the hood, and the words "Highway Patrol Police" are tampographed on the doors. The spoiler on the back is chromed.

Many people had problems with the universe version of the figure [and some had the same problems with the Henkei deco] with the paint on the clear parts rubbing off and not being dry enough to touch. Suffice to say my version is free of all these problems.

Robot Mode

Prowl's transformation takes cues from BT Grimlock, BT Smokescreen\Meister and Movie Barricade and improves drastically upon them all. The sides of the vehicle unclip much like Barricade, the transformation of the legs is identical to Grimlock's bar the hatches at the bottom and the front end mimics and drastically improves Smokescreen's arm and chest transformation. Fully transformed, Prowl measures a good 15 centimetres tall to the tips of his crest\horns.

Only new colour is silver, painted on the face and some of the waist armour. The limbs are a mesh of black and white, with the occasional chrome and red thrown in. Speaking of which, his shoulder missile launchers and gun are entirely chromed. Plenty of detailing is present in the form of sculpted lines on the limbs and paint on the head.

Taking me by surprise was just how poseable this guy is. MADLY poseable, he's more articulated than Classics\Henkei Mirage! There's twenty nine [29] points of articulation scattered on this dude! His toes can swivel back and forth and to the sides, and the heel can be re-positioned for balance according to the poses you desire. The knees are double jointed AND swivel at the middle and the thighs are connected to the body via ball joints. The waist can swivel and the arms, mostly because of their transformation, are ridiculously poseable. The shoulders alone have three points of articulation, the elbow can bend 90 degrees and swivel and the fists can rotate freely 360 degrees. Lastly, the head rotates freely another 360 degrees on a very, very stiff joint.

The chrome launchers on this Henkei version are a very nice touch and the figure displays very nicely with them on. The chromed gun is also a treat [that tends to become a trend with the following releases]. Only drawback I can find on this figure is that with time, the joints will get loose and they're ALL pin or swivel joints besides the hips and doors. Restoration of this figure will prove to be difficult, if needed at all.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with Prowl. Waiting since early July was not easy but it surely did pay off [and for those of you wondering, no, due to a stupid mistake, I'm still short of Sunstreaker]. Will, without a doubt, pick up the rest of his mould brothers when they all see a release in the Henkei line.

Transformation: 9. Nicely involved, a tad tricky but not frustrating. Only thing to watch out for has got to be those doors, they can pop off easily if not careful.
Durability: 9. Nothing prone to breaking, at least on mine, and no parts have messy paint on them. Would love to see a tad stiffer joints on the arms and legs, but nothing to complain about.
Fun: 9. It's Prowl, a character I always wanted but never got his original toy, in a form that's easily recognizable in the mainstream comic media and it's insanely articulated. I'm good.
Price: 10. Got mine for around 11 USD MISB. It'd be okay at 22 USD, but at this price, it's really a steal.
Overall: 10. Get this one or at least one version of this mould before it's gone. Fans seem to prefer Silverstreak for a more "colourful" deco, but either is a solid choice. Highly recommended.
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