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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

numbat's review: Legends G2 Megatron

Name: Megatron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Decepticon Leader
Sub-Group: (2008) Universe Classic Series Legends Class

Unlike his nemesis, Optimus Prime / Convoy, Megatron has had many different alternate modes, and even lacks a standard face design throughout the various lines (of course, in some cases this is because the Japanese character that some of the Western toys are based on is not Megatron per se, but most are… And the Unicron Trilogy Megs are all rather un-Megatron like in face [although Energon Megs is clearly a brilliant G1 Galvatron homage]).

Although, for me, the G1 Megatron design will always be dearest to my heart and most iconic, if I had to pick just one version of Megatron to exist, or be elaborated upon in future lines, it would be the G2 tank incarnation.

And, that’s what we have here, combined with my favourite size class – Legends!

And, to make things better, the Legends ‘line’ has combined it’s strength of great wee Transformers from the Cybertron days with novel transformations from the ultimately poor Movie Legends figures. Plus, for the first time, new moulds are being used to represent characters not otherwise present in the Universe Classic Series.

[Note – interestingly, while previous individual Legends Class releases were part of an overarching line (Legends of Cybertron [LOC]), from Cybertron through Classics through 2007 Movie, with consecutive series numbers, the new figures have broken this trend, and are part of the Universe line, and do not continue the series from 2007 Movie. Of course, they’re still Legends Class figures – it’s just a technicality. It’s probably inappropriate to call the new releases ‘Legends of Cybertron’, however.]

Of course, G2 Megatron received a homage in the 2006 Classics line, in Deluxe Class. However, I felt that that figure tried too hard to reinvent a design which was perfected with G2 Hero Megatron / Archforce (the European release of the figure, which has less garish stickers). This Legends release, however, goes back to basics…

Alternate Mode:

This latest Legends Megatron transforms in to a 3 ¼” (8.5cm) long M1 Abrams MBT inspired tank. It’s packed with detail, and moulded in a dull green. Purple camouflage breaks the monotony, while adding that distinctly sinister Decepticon twist. The cannon is grey, while silver splashes at the rear of the turret – highlighting the robot hands, although these are not obtrusive, as with Movie Legends Ironhide. A perfect tiny Decepticon symbol emblazoned on the front of the tank completes the mode.

As with Movie Legends Brawl, the treads are split with a large gap, due to the transformation mechanism – in this case exacerbated by the use of some grey plastic where it really ought to be green.

The vehicle rolls well, and is great fun, although the turret can’t turn due to the transformation.

Megatron is a lot sturdier and looks less cheap than the larger tank of Movie Legends Brawl, and actually looks a more realistic vehicle, believe it or not!

I’m very pleased with the mode, despite its shortcomings. After all, every Legends Class figure has to make sacrifices, and these are best made in the vehicle modes, in my view. He makes for a great display piece as a tank, alongside G1 Minibots or other Legends Class figures.

Robot Mode:

Legends G2 Megatron’s turret splits to form his arms, but that is the only similarity his transformation shares with Movie Legends Brawl. Instead, he is a miniature version of his larger G2 counterpart.

Standing 3” (8cm) tall, he’s bulky and imposing, and totally packed with beautiful sculpting. His head is beautifully simple, yet captures the traditional bullet-head perfectly. More grey is evident in the lower body and upper legs, while his helmet is green and his face painted silver, with perfectly painted red eyes. The use of silver on his hands, while making them slightly more obvious than green or grey would have in tank mode, really balance the figure in robot mode – definitely the correct decision on the part of the designers. And, of course, he has his Decepticon insignia in the centre of his chest.

Megatron is well articulated for a Legends Class figure, with ball joints at his hips and shoulders, an extra hinge at each shoulder, and hinges at his knees. His head can swivel, although the cannon rotates with it, as it is attached to the right side. This can be quite cool – it’s as if he’s tracking wherever he looks!

This robot mode is so good he displays well alongside the World’s Smallest Transformers figures, towering over them, level with the Dinobots – as you would expect from a massive tank Transformer!

Summed up – G2 Megatron is the best Legends Class figure to date (bar the Cybertron Starscream mould). Nothing complex, nothing novel, but perfectly executed.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 4 – Very simple, but well thought out and revised for this scale.
Durability: 8 – He seems solid for such a wee figure, although the cannon could snap I expect. Far less flimsy than Movie Legends Brawl (being the obvious comparison).
Fun:10 – This is a perfect miniature G2 Megatron, with great articulation for the scale! What could be more fun?
Price: 10 – Legends Class figures used to be excellent value. Unfortunately, they have increased in price recently, and now seem less good value (strange, that!). Still, at ~£3 ($6), or ~$5(£2.50) more or less, depending which country you live in, this figure is well worth it!
Overall: 10 – Whether you’re in to wee Transformers or not, this is a really great figure, and won’t make a dent on your weekly expenditures. Get out there, and pick one up!
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