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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Legends class Jazz

Name: Jazz
Alligeance: Autobot
Function: Special Ops
Series: Universe Classics Legends

"If you don't do it with style, don't do it at all."

Under recommendation of the evil Treadshot A1, I was finally compelled to buy Legends Jazz. And he's a kick ass toy. Jazz has always been one of my favourite Autobots, and I've tried collecting every version of the Jazz mold ever made. It didn't work out, and my Jazz collection is only Encore Meister, Movie Legends Jazz, Movie Deluxe Jazz, Animated Jazz and this one.

Jazz has a rather interesting history. He's first introduced in G1 as one of the second in command bots, alternating with Prowl and Ironhide. Jazz played a rather major role in the Animated and Comics (compared to, say, Sideswipe...) and became a fan favourite. Like Bumblebee, Starscream and Grimlock, Jazz later got the Pretender and much later Action Master treatment. I think there was a Go-Bot Jazz too, but I'm not so sure. Thus, Hasbro lost the trademark for the name Jazz, and he went silent ever since Generation 2 finished. While a major character (as far as Dreamwave goes) in the modern comics, he got rather sidelined by the likes of Ratchet and Sunstreaker in IDW. Then, Hasbro decided to play a new trick: 'Autobot Jazz.' Thus was born Alternators Jazz, Movie Jazz and Animated Jazz. All are similar in some way to the original. The Alternators version actually represents the original, and the Animated guy is technically a carbon copy of Jazz with kung-fu.

And they released a Legends Class Jazz, along with Wave-mates Hound and G2 Megatron, as original molds. This delighted people everywhere, and for obvious reasons, I picked Jazz up.

Jazz transforms into a Porsche 935. This incarnation of Jazz's alternate mode is virtually identical to the original mold, only make sleeker. The white tail spoiler is there as ever, and the beautiful paint job of Jazz is there.

The main detracting point is the windows, which like Red Alert is painted in. But how they can do clear windows in a LoC mold? Common sense, people!

He rolls rather well with the wheels, and this is a most excellent vehicle mode. Identical with the original one. Perfection in all its tiny form.

With a simple yet effective transformation, Jazz stands nicely for a Legends class toy. This transformation is similar with Legends Movie Barricade, but done properly and the results are excellent, and Jazz is exactly like his G1 self.

The wings of windows are visible and clear. His chest is rather bold, kinda like G1. Placements of the wheels are different from the Generation 1 toy from which it's based on, but it's only because of the transformation scheme.

Come to think of it, the transformation scheme is based on E.J. Su's slight redesign of Jazz in IDW publishing, with the doors ending up as hands. Effective, and produces a Jazz that retains all his charm. Only the most brick headed Geewuns would complain about this.

Head is painted, visor and all. He's having a serious expression, and looks like his cartoon self. His hands are 'blocks' but are rather cute. The feet are rather poseable and allows Jazz a number of poses for a Legends class figure. Simplicity and perfection.

Transformation 2/10 You don't need brains to do this.
Durability 7/10 other than limbs coming off from ball joints there's no way he's gonna fall apart.
Price 2/10 He's a legends class figure. Figure it out yourself.
Fun 9/10 Has a place in every collection. Whether making him the 'main' Jazz in your collection, or just fiddling and tinkering with him or even customizing him, he's fun.
Overall 10/10 refer to 'fun', 'price', 'alternate mode' and 'robot mode'.
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