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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Zeoman4.5's review of: LOC Perceptor

Name Perceptor
Function Brilliant Autobot Scientist
Sub-group none

Like all Legends figures Perceptor lacks a true Bio, but I will attempt to discribe him.
Perceptor is a Scientist, first and foremost. He believes that the true measure of one's power is their IQ. Constantly staring down microscopes and pouring beakers of chemicals, he is valued by Prime for his insight and knowledge. Many Autobots view him as a wimp, due to his non-violent, scientific ways. In truth he wasn't a great fighter, but Perceptor faced many foes and contributed just as much as any other Autobot. Perceptor originally changed into a microscope, but now he is a re-paint of the LOC Red Alert.

Robot mode
Perceptor's robot mode is designed to look like the Cybertron Defense Red Alert Figure. That being said, he looks an incredible amount like the original G1 toy. The new paint colors really make a difference.

The over all scheme is red with silver on the chest and face, and black on the helmet, wheels, and cannon. He also has a little blue on the arms and a yellow visor just for appearance’s sake. He looks quite authentic, as if the mold works better as Perceptor than it did as Red Alert. I could just imagine this little guy running up to Classics Ultra Magnus and saying some overly complex scientific saying and then Magnus saying
"in other words, Perceptor..." The toy looks fun too, with that large shoulder gun and bulky appearance. He looks tough but smart. I love the head. The helmet design looks like the original show design, The face looks cool, similar to the G1 toys, but with a difference. The mouth is wide open, which is just like Perceptor; more talk than walk.

The figure is articulated well for a smaller size TF. The shoulders have full 360 Degree rotation. The legs can be moved forward enough to allow him to sit down , to kick, or to walk. The cannon is capable of being aimed upward as well as to the left or right. He is essentially very solid and his parts are quite stiff. Still, this beats a Minicon any day. A very good little Autobot.

Vehicle mode
Perceptor in vehicle mode is a type of missile launching military vehicle. Not a tank by any means; sort of a large, mobile, missile launcher. Anyway setting aside that this Vehicle type is as far from a microscope as one could get, it works well for him.

The main color again is red. This time the silver is less noticeable, but the black cannon is the center piece of the vehicle, and the blue is still noticeable. This thing looks powerful, I mean I wouldn't want to get shot with it. As to whether or not it is supposed to be a gun, a rocket launcher, a laser cannon, or a large telescope lens, is up to you. I use it as a little of each when I play around with it. Other than that it is a little plain and under detailed.

The wheels are molded on and do not actually roll, but instead there are smaller wheels inside and underneath the larger molded ones. They, like most small, smooth plastic wheels, do not roll well, and take away some of the play factor of the vehicle mode. The cannon can be rotated and tilted up, for battle or posing, whatever you want. A nice vehicle but lacking in detail and functional parts.

Durability 9 Very sturdy. It would take more than hard play to brake.
Price 8 Really it depends on were you buy, most places sell it for $3.99 to $4.99. Worth it.
Transformation 2 Easy but not Spychanger easy.
Fun 10 Honestly this is a really fun little toy. It is full of G1 goodness and the persona of Perceptor.
Overall 8 A good, little toy with a lot of heart. One of my favorite Classics figures.

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