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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Blackjack's review: Legends Animated Prowl

Name: Prowl
Series: Universe Animated Legends
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Police Bike
Function: NINJA!

Prowl has always been one my favourite Autobots. Sure, there's Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Jazz, Bumblebee, Ratchet and Ironhide, but Prowl always has a place in my heart ever since I caught sight of Prowl on the first Transformers comic I read (Titans' Marvel reprint of New Order). In the issues collected, Prowl, in all his blue-y Marvel goodness, took charge of the Autobot forces until Optimus is returned safely.

Anyway, I got Prowl as a Christmas gift alongside the Ratbat-Springer vs set from my sister. For my part, I got her one of those thick novels. By 'got' I mean 'follow her to the bookstore and pay for whatever she takes'. Oh, by the way, my sister is also a Prowl fan. Surprising.

Prowl has been re-imagined many times, rivaling even Mirage and the Seeker trio. The first and foremost Prowl is the police car, one of the first Transformers. He's the second in command of the Autobots, and later was reincarnated into an Action Master in the G1 toy line. However, Hasbro made a bad choice of killing him (as well as Ironhide, Ratchet, Brawn, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Wheeljack, Windcharger, Starscream, and...) in Transformers: the Movie. It's good that the comics don't kill him off. Well, they do. But Furman resurrected him... The next Prowl is in Beast Wars, a lion. Supposedly, this is our police car Prowl in the future. Another Maximal bore the name Prowl as well in the Beast Wars line, a Transmetal 2 owl. There's also a Machine Wars Prowl, again a reincarnated G1 Prowl, this time as a formula one. In Robots in Disguise, there are two Prowls. One is a Spychanger, the other is one of the Autobot brothers. There is also a Minicon (or Minicons, can't be sure) named Prowl in Armada. In Energon, Prowl returns as a full sized Autobot, albeit a formula one. Then, G1 Prowl was reincarnated again in Universe and Alternators. However, Prowl missed his chance for the big screen. He's too busy sorting out paperwork, so Barricade got the job instead. Then, Animated blessed us with an unique Prowl- a NINJA!

Playing the loner and skilled ninja, Prowl has some of the best action scenes given to him. Using shurikens as weapons, having a battle mask, able to create holograms (a nod to G1 Hound and Mirage) and being totally bad ass, Animated Prowl also has the distinction of being the awesomest deluxe toy Hasbro has blessed us with.

Now how does the Legends class Prowl fair with his Deluxe toy?


Prowl comes packaged in robot mode, and I must say he's very show-accurate. His paint job and appearance in robot mode are simply excellent. Prowl is also the only Legends class toy (apart from Movie Legends Starscream) I have seen that has both elbow and shoulder joints. Granted, the shoulder can only move sideways, but what do you expect?

Prowl's legs are also very articulate. So far, it lived up to my expectations of mimicking the Deluxe toy. No, no tiny shurikens. We don't want the little children choking to death, do we?

Prowl's (stationary) head is sculpted with a stern expression, with those infamous 'horns' on top of his head. Oh, and he's got a pharaoh-esque chin. His chin is very long. Beat that, Tick.

Prowl's physique is thin and slender, a direct contrast to Bumblebee's more 'boxy' shape. Hey, he's a ninja.

Also, his lower legs can fold back, leaving the wheels as legs. This somehow reminds me of Beast Machines Rattrap's robot mode. Might have something to do with the Rattrap kitbash that someone did. Treadshot, I think.


Prowl's alternate mode is everything his robot mode is not. Unless this is supposed to be Prowl's Cybertronian alternate mode, it's simply nothing like the show.

Prowl's transformation tries--and fails miserably--to mimic the Deluxe toy. However, in this size, it's impossible to mimic the intricate transformation of the legs, leaving us with a blocky motorbike.

Also, the nose of the bike is... off, making it look like an eagle or rat. Why? Because, the nose is supposed to be painted black, but it's... that shade of creamy white. Because, to be blunt, the crotch, instead of the chest, becomes the nose. The chest instead is placed a bit behind.

So Prowl is a moderate success in robot mode and a total fallout in bike mode.

Marks out of ten for the following:

TRANSFORMATION- 5/10 A bit hard for a legends, but nothing that'll bend your brain.
PRICE- 10/10 Well, I got it free... Otherwise, 5/10
FUN- 5/10 So-so, I guess. Standing in the shadow of one of the greatest Deluxe toy pretty much does so.
DURABILITY- 7/10 Pretty solid, but won't survive a two-storey fall. I'm not keen to test that theory. Also, the leg joints get loose easily.
OVERALL- 5/10 Robot mode is adequate, but the alternate mode is purely crap crap crap. Trust me, there are better toys out there. But if you're a collector with kitbashing powers, he's an easy eight.
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