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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: Trypticon

Name Trypticon
Function Grim, Decepticon Destroyer
Sub-group none

Well here I am, yet again staring at my laptop wondering what to say about a TF. Oh no not just any TF. A TF which has gotten on my nerves, and I just can not forgive Hasbro for what they did.

Letís put that aside for now. I'll try to tell you a little about the original Trypticon since that is what this toy is supposed to represent. Trypticon is the incredible Decepticon city. He was a triple changer (t-rex to base to flying battle platform), an electronically motorized toy and one of the largest G1 figures. He came about in 1986, shortly after Transformers the Movie, as part of the TV show and the toy line. He was seen mostly as a monster who would attack Metroplex (his Autobot counterpart) constantly, and always get a quick and severe beating at Plex's hands. He was not portrayed as smart or skilled, just raw power and destructiveness.

That being said, this guy is soooo far off key it almost makes me want to trash him. First of all this guy is tiny, I mean come on Hasbro. Why not make a bigger guy to get this Tryp's persona? Also they picked the LOC Scourge mold, which in itself isn't bad, but it does not become a base or a t-rex or a Battle platform. Why?! Oh Primus why?!!! If you are trying to make a figure to commemerate a former one; why make it nothing like the one your trying to commemerate? Lastly, why give him G1 Tech specs? This peewee can not have a 10 strength level.

Sorry for ranting there, but if your still here then you must either be a huge fan of Trypticon or your trying to find some good in this toy. Well I did say I'd write a review, so let me start with...

Trypticon is a Legend figure, and therefore is packaged in Robot mode. His robot form is a small version of Cybertron's Scourge, with G1 Trypticon's paint. He is mainly a sort of dark grey, almost black but not quite. He has purple on the fin like shoulders and knees as well as the lower arms and feet. A blue torso area and very light grey on the extra dragon heads add G1 like detail.

The face has nothing but grey on it, no eye color, just the molded face; which looks serious and evil but not like Trypticon.

Articulation and feature wise, he is very lacking. His arms are moveable at the shoulders and his elbows are reverse jointed. The legs move at the hips and the feet are mobile, plus the head turns. The dragon heads (I'm guessing) are supposed to be his weapons. (Especially since the tail is static) They can be moved up from a position parallel with the robot head to aiming strait up. Other than that he is completely with out defense and is too small to use force in a fight. I mean even Classics Bumblebee looks like he could beat this guy. Fun if youíre gonna make him fight someone like Legends Perceptor, but not really good for say Decepticon front line combat.


Trypticon quickly and easily changes into his three headed dragon mode. Once more he is painted to be very G1 like. Once more he has no eyes painted on. Once more these colors just don't look right on him (although they look better on him in this mode).

The dragon mode is what killed it for me. He is supposed to be a t-rex. A tiny, quadruped Dragon with 3 heads is nothing like a huge robotic t-rex with electronic sounds and walking action. Honestly Hasbro, what were you thinking? I mean you picked the closest mold for sure, but why not use it for something more like the mold, like Hun-gurrr? This is honestly an insult to any TF fan. The mode is dull and can't do much other than sit around and be an eyesore. Oh well at least I can use him to maul Minicons, when I play.

Durability: 10 Really strong, I can't break him. I'm 6ft.4in. and 250lbs and all I can do is pop of his joints. Trust me I tried too.

Transformation: 3 Not hard buy any means but harder than most LOCs.

Price: 8 Quite cheap and easy to get at Toys R Us, but why would you want to?

Fun: 8 Fun to play with amongst other LOCs or Minicons. Not so fun with bigger bots.

Overall: 3 I know it doesn't add up, but the main purpose of this toy was to be the new Trypticon. It just did not manage to live up to the standards of the Original. I think honestly as far as LOCs go he is an 8.5 or so, but as a Classics and as a Trypticon
he is a 3. And thatís only because they got the color right.
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