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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: Night Rescue Team

Name: Divebomb, Firebot, and Strongarm
Function: Night Rescue
Sub-group: Classics Autobot, Minicon team

" We bring Light to Darkness"

Young and brave, these robots are fresh out of primary programming, and too inexperienced to ever be afraid. When there are other robots in danger, and nothing will save them except a foolish charge into the dangerous and the unknown, its always the Night Rescue Team that gets called in.

This is my favorite Team of Classics Minicons as of yet. It is a well-done revamp of the Rescue Minicon team from Armada.

The idea of fresh youths battling against the odds and using teamwork against stronger foes reminds me of my old child hood heroes the Power Rangers. And like them they are colorful and unique bots, each with some good and some bad rolled in.


Vehicle mode

Divebomb's vehicle form is that of a helicopter. Not a dual-rotor one like Armada's Makeshift, but more of a Military style chopper. It is base colored blue with silver on the wings and rotor parts. The top rotor and the small rear rotor both spin. He is armed with some small missile racks that do not fire but look nice. The wings on which the racks are attached say in sliver letters “T.M.R. 77”. No idea what it means… "Transformer Minicon Rescue," maybe?

Robot mode

The robot form is rather iffy on this guy. The colors stay much the same but are balanced different. His missile racks become his arms and are not capable of much more than a sideways elbow bending motion. His legs are formed from his tail section. They serve little more than to hold him up due to the lack of any articulation. His head makes up most of is body mass as it is the main body of the helicopter. The face is little more than a visor whish is a red/orange color. The rotor is on top of his head and can be spun for robot flight play. The fuselages look like laser cannons but I am not sure. Nice looking, but over all seems kind of cheep and flimsy.


Vehicle mode

Firebot's vehicle, in case you couldn't guess, is a small, dual hosed fire truck. The over all color is red and black for the small detail parts. The wheels roll well. His design is very sleek and futuristic. The dual hoses are a nice touch they rotate individually and look great on him. He is also branded “T.M.R. 77”.

Robot mode

This robot mode looks to big to come from the small vehicle. Firebot looks bulky and tough. Large shoulders from the front end of the truck carry his small arms, with the hoses now as arm mounted guns. He is quite tall for a minicon, which is always good. His legs are kind of backward and chicken like. His face has a kind of monstrous firefighter look goin' on. The articulation on Firebot is summed up in ball and socket shoulders, hinge leg, and elbow joints that move only sideways. Still RED. His design has fun oozing from every piece, and is the best of the three in my opinion. He just Rocks to play with.


Vehicle mode

Strong arms Vehicle mode is a Squad car. The color is all black except the sirens, which are the standard red and blue, and the grill of the car. The detail in this mode is hard to paint out due to the coloring. The wheels are excellent rollers and work great on all terrain. The label “AA Police District” is stamped on his side.

Robot mode

Strongarm's bot form is still black, in fact too black. Now I'm not saying there’s anything wrong with black but when there is so much you can't see much of his body, it is a problem. His arms can bend at the elbow upward, but other than that no articulation. His head is large and black with red eyes, looks kind of like Rhinox's. Big tall Shoulders and broad legs give him the tough enforcer look, which is really all he has going for him in robot mode.

Transformation: 5 Kind of difficult for Minicons.
Price: 6 Good for this content. Three nice vehicles and good robots in one pack.
Fun: 8 Really can get a lot of play out of Firebot and Strongarm, but Divebomb kind of hurts this score.
Durability: 6 These guys are pretty good for Minicons but too much force will… well, let’s not talk about that.
Overall: Really I'm mixed about what to give them. If your a serious collector and are looking for quality of design and display. Then they're about a 6. But if you are looking for a group of bots to stand tall with Prime or your other Autobots in battle, 8.

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