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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review: Predator Attack Team

Name: Predator Attack Team
Function: attacking predators! The Decepticons hate Nashville hockey, apparently.

This is not the best Minicon set, but it's my favorite.

Alternate mode:

The Predator Attack Team is suitably named; animal modes are a wolf, a tiger, and an eagle or hawk of some sort. The tiger is a bit blocky, but the wolf and eagle are quite well done. The wolf has some articulation in its rear legs and midpoint, and the eagle can fold its wings slightly and swivel its talons about. The tiger, in contrast, can move its tail up and down. It's a bit of a slack in quality compared to the other two.

Robot mode:

The robot modes are a mixed fair. Again, the tiger is the weakest of the three: he gets shortchanged by having a tiger head for one hand and a tail for the other, not unlike Mushu. The eagle is an odd fellow. His robot mode is a bit like a peacock's tail, being poofy and all. While he's able to stand, the poor thing falls over with a slight breath. The wolf gets best robot mode of the three: while also not entirely stable thanks to tiny feet, he has the best proportions of the lot. The only complaint I have in terms of production is that Hasbro could have put a couple of dots of paint for eyes on the wolf and eagle. As they are, those two have fairly nondescript faces.

The thing I like about this set is how nice it is for army building. The animals are sized appropriately next to a variety of vehicle transformers (Classics, Movie, Alternators), and while the robot modes may be weaker than the animal modes, large groups of them look great when staged as a minion army for any of the larger toys. Best of all, the relative cheapness of the set makes amassing large groups of the beasts viable.

Transformation: 5. Nothing complex, although the eagle is a creative execution.
Durability: 5. Like most of the smallest toys, if anything heavy falls on them at the correct angle, they'll snap.
Fun: 8. I quite like the little guys, especially in large groups. The sight of an army of them makes up for their individual shortcomings.
Price: 8. I bought a total of seven of this set from anywhere between $5 and $7. Worth the retail price or less.
Overall: 6. It's my favorite minicon set, but that comes in the form of quantity over quality. In large numbers they're fantastic, but if you buy one set, the weak points will be more noticeable. So it goes...
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