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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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Kamen's review: Silverstreak

Name: The Streak formerly known as Blue
Function: Sharpshooter
Subgroup: Transformers Universe Deluxe Vehicles

“Quit that jibba jabba!” ~ Mr. T on Silverstreak

There’s not a lot to be said about Silverstreak that he hasn’t already said about himself. In fact, there’s not a lot to be said about anything that he hasn’t already said, because he never stops talking. Ever. He talks to his partners on guard duty. He talks during his charge cycles. When he’s alone, he talks to himself. In battle, he chats with his opponent. Despite his formidable weaponry, Decepticons prefer not to fight him mostly because they get sick of talking to him.

BlueSilverstreak, frankly, is not a character I recall from G1. I picked him up because he uses the same mold as Classics Prowl, only with a better paint-job IMO. And anyway, he hasn’t appeared in any animated series since G1. He did have a decent showing in the Marvel comics, but has only small parts in the more recent Dreamwave and IDW comics. Aside from a fairly consistent inability to shut his mouth, Silverstreak is often depicted as an ace sharpshooter and a tormented soul, his home city having been one of the first cities completely destroyed by the Decepticons. How cheery.

As this mold has already been used for Classics Prowl (and will be used for Classics Smokescreen), I’ll cover major changes for this deco, but direct you to Warcry’s review of the original mold.

Alternate Mode:

The immediate difference between the two molds happens to the removal of the police light bar from Silverstreak. After that, all differences are colour. As I said in the preamble, I like Silverstreak’s colour scheme better than Prowl’s . Silverstreak main colour is black offset by a beautiful glittery silver along the sides. Red is splashed in for his brake lights, which are split into two separate lights rather than the single block as on Prowl. His hubcaps are also red, though much darker in hue. Interestingly, Prowl’s turn signals are painted, while his front grill is not; Silverstreak has the opposite, with this signals black and his grill painted. A more major difference is the use of translucent plastic. Prowl has translucent headlights in two layers and his windows are sprayed black so that you can barely see inside. Silverstreak has blueish windows that are more or less completely clear, and his headlights are clear plastic over silver paint. A final minor change: Silverstreak has a largish red Autobot symbol below his air scoop counter Prowl’s small symbol above the scoop.

Silverstreak rolls just as well in vehicle mode. However, his weapon doesn’t sit tightly, and, in fact, seems even looser than Prowl’s.

Also, be warned, Silverstreak has a few sloppy paint apps, and I’ve heard complains of fairly sever scratching. Mine has a few sloppy bits but no scratching so I’m not sure how wide spread the latter problem is.

While still a good mold, I think Prowl comes off the better.

Robot Mode:

Yay! Colour! Seriously, while Prowl does a better job of breaking up his utter whiteness than, say, Astrotrain, Silverstreak simply puts him to shame. Dark red contrasts wonderfully with grey and black, even some robin’s egg blue peeps in on his hips. But its not just color. Silverstreak also has silver applications on his shoulder vents and, more importantly, his shoulder cannon. Those two detail alone make him stand out.

He has the same articulation as Prowl; however, Silverstreak’s joints are much tighter, giving him a bit better balance than Prowl. That said, Silverstreak’s cannon seem a bit more fragile.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: Some fiddly-bits, but not too difficult 4

Durability: Overall, good, but his doors still pop off in a light breeze, and his gun actually falls out more easily than Prowls. So expect to lose that if you’re not careful. 6

Fun: His vehicle mode isn’t too exciting, but the increased tightness of his robot mode gives him increased poseability. 9

Price: $10 USD 9

Overall: By itself the figure is great, and there’s really nothing to recommend him over Prowl or the opposite. If you can only get one, I recommend getting the one whose colour scheme you like better. 8
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