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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Numbat's review of: LOC Ramjet

Name: Ramjet (BotCon 2005 exclusive)
Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Seeker / Legends of Cybertron (LOC)

I am a huge fan of tiny Transformers, and my first exposure to this mold, in the guise of Sunstorm, had me hooked. Although I had, in fact, been searching for Starscream (the mold’s originator) since his release, I ended up with Comicon Skywarp next, followed by BotCon Ramjet – finally acquiring Starscream earlier this year (and, although he only cost £0.50 [$1] it still took a while!).

Although I enjoy all of the versions of this mold, due to the perfection on this scale, unsurpassed articulation (their heads move!), Ramjet appeared from photos to be the lesser of the quartet. Despite this, he did end up being the most expensive, and thankfully the figure blew my expectations away. I can only surmise he is not photogenic…

Alternate Mode:

As with all versions of seekers based on the Starscream mold, the alternate mode is a futuristic fighter based heavily on Don Figueroa's War Within design. The LOC release is in actual fact the smallest scale of three versions of the same design. The fact that the mold, with little alteration, works equally well as a LOC, Voyager and Supreme figure is testament to the sheer perfection of the design.

Measuring just 3 ½” (6cm) from nose to thrusters, the detail afforded is massive, and shown in sharp relief on the off-white base of the plastic. A vibrant light blue picks out patterns on the wings and fuselage combining the paint applications of LOC Starscream (wings) and LOC Sunstorm (fuselage). A small amount of black is visible, along the side of the fuselage, and at the nose. Interestingly, a very deep blue (deadly nightshade springs to mind...) is used for the engines, rather than the jet black elsewhere. A tiny dap of yellow highlights the small vent in the tail (which is gold in Starscream, silver in Skywarp, and altogether lacking in Sunstorm).

A Decepticon logo is emblazoned behind the cockpit, as with Starscream and Sunstorm.

The cockpit canopy itself, with its lovely detail, works brilliantly here in silver (and does have the contours at the rear lacking in Sunstorm, but present in Skywarp and Starscream). All of the LOC Seekers have a different colour of canopy, and Skywarp wins hands down with the metallic orange so reminiscent of G1, but Starscream (with his metallic purple) and Ramjet certainly vie for second place.

All in all, the alternate mode is a nice ensemble, based upon the Universe Ramjet (who was a Herald of Unicron, incidentally) colour scheme (rather than G1), and looks very nice in real life.

Robot Mode:

The transformation for this mold is seemingly simple, but I have experienced problems with still knee and hip joints in some versions. Ramjet does not suffer from this, thankfully, and the transformation can be completed with enjoyment, and zero frustration.

The robot mode stands as tall as his alternate mode is long. The upper body is a stylized homage to the Decepticon insignia itself, while molded detail continues to astound.

This mode reveals a lot more black, which contrasts sharply with the off white, light blue and yellow. I think this has been the problem in capturing the figure in digital photographs, as in reality the combination works rather well. His lower arms are jet black – a nod to G1 – as are his thighs. The head is off white (and so the only LOC Seeker not to have a black head), with a black face, flanked by yellow missile stacks. Certainly, G1 influences can be seen in the robot mode, where they were lacking in the fighter design colour scheme. Indeed, the result is a fusion of the Universe and G1 characters, almost pulling us back towards the classic design for the subsequent Classics release.

As with the other LOC Seekers (based upon the Starscream mold), a blade and Null-Ray can be flipped from each arm, just as with the larger versions. While this is largely pointless in fighter mode, it looks amazing in robot – again contrasted in black.

Poseability is the greatest strength of the mold – affording more in many respects than the Supreme version (except there are no elbow joints). Ball joints are pervasive, and perfectly acceptable at this scale – indeed superior in the range of motion they can offer without fear of looseness. And, the great boon here is the swivel joint for the head! Menacing poses abound…

Still, how does Ramjet truly compare with the other LOC Seekers based upon the same mold? Rather favourably in reality, it must be said. His generational fusion is perhaps a weakness, yet does distinguish him from Starscream (which would be difficult using a purely G1 scheme in this case). He fits in nicely alongside the other LOC Seekers, and, although Sunstorm was previous my favourite, I find it harder and harder to decide between the four. Take that as you will, but Ramjet is undoubtedly a great fan offering – although his price tag and availability may justifiably put many people off. At the end of the day, this mold is superb, and any collector who enjoys small scale Transformers will already have one version in his/her collection, or are about to track one down. Which and how many is down to your finances, which you come across, and how much you enjoy the first one. If you do own just one, though, I imagine it is unlikely to be Ramjet.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 7 – Perfection, and nicely simple, on a wee scale.
Durability: 9 – Unlike my Skywarp and Sunstorm, Ramjet does not seem to suffer from either loose parts or damagingly stiff joints.
Fun: 9 – An excellent mold, and a successful fusion colour scheme based upon tow great and influential characters of the same name.
Price: 3 – Ramjet occupies a lesser range of prices, all centred at the upper limit of Comicon Skywarp. That puts him upwards of £7 ($14) – and usually that does mean upwards! I have seen him change hands for £15 ($30), although I would suggest that to be ill advised. You can get him for less if you are patient.
Overall: 5 – Ramjet is a great addition to any wee Transformers collection – and stands nicely alongside the other LOC Seekers. However, he can be difficult to track down, is expensive, and is arguably an interesting interpretation of the character. Therefore many people would probably choose (rightly) to go for a cheaper version of this mold, more readily available. (Despite my intense and long search for Starscream, of all versions!)

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