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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Numbat's review of: LOC Skywarp

Name: Skywarp (2005 ComiCon exclusive)
Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Seeker / Legends of Cybertron

We all know the Legends of Cybertron (LOC) line is rather hit and miss. Starscream was a definite ‘hit’ though, in this miniature form, and was blessed by a fan tribute repaint – Sunstorm – in the main line. However, the mold was repainted twice for convention exclusives. These drew on other G1 Seekers, with Ramjet (based on his Universe incarnation) at BotCon 2005, while Skywarp was available at the 2005 San Diego Comicon. And, as a tip of the hat by the Transformers Gods (erm, Hasbro), his colour scheme is solidly rooted in the character tradition set by G1.

Although Skywarp came bagged with a Cybertron planet map, and Cyber Planet Key, there is no solid indication as to which line he is meant to be a part of. His instructions do not follow any established style – nor is he officially aligned as a Decepticon on anything included with the figure. To further confuse, the Cyber Planet Key is a repaint (well, pre-paint, one may say, as it came first) of the key packaged with Primus. The red Autobot symbol blazes out over a matt black background.

Still, I personally think it’s safe to say Skywarp would be sympathetic to the Decepticon cause…

Alternate Mode:

As Skywarp is a repaint of LOC Stasrcream, it should be unsurprising to find he turns into a futuristic fighter-jet, reminiscent of Don Figueroa's War Within design. Available as Supreme and Voyager Class figures, the LOC version is the smallest edition of this mold design (3 1/2” [6cm] nose to tail). I think it is a great testament to the perfection of the design that it can be transposed over such a range with minimal alteration or loss of quality (or coolness!).

His colour scheme is based on black plastic, with similar paint applications to LOC Starscream. However, silver has been used to bring out the cockpit and central fuselage – and to great effect! The metallic paint really highlights the wonderful level of molded detail, otherwise hidden beneath more solid colours in other versions. Silver is further applied to the engines, nose and side panels. The tiny vent at the tip of the tail has also been brushed with silver – a touch absent from the two mainstream versions. A dark purple touches the wings, giving that genuine Skywarp feel. However, all that aside, the coup de grace has to be the gold cockpit canopy! It just screams G1!

As with the other versions, the Null Ray cannon can be extended, as well as a sword. However, the effect is rather lopsided and odd.

One final detail of note is the absence of any faction symbols. This follows through to the robot mode.

Robot Mode:

The transformation of this mold is nearly identical in all size classes. Although not particularly complicated, it can be fiddly (particularly the legs) at this scale. Luckily, Skywarp seems to have perfect joints, and parts do not tend to pop off (as they do with my Sunstorm due to being over tight). I should warn you however – if he falls from your desk his feet will fly miles!

Standing as tall as the jet is long, Skywarp truly looks the part! Scowling, his head is identical to Starscream’s and Sunstorm’s, flanked by red rockets: you know Skywarp means business! A lot more purple is visible in this mode, as well (thighs and G1-esque gauntlets).

And, if the other Cybertron Seekers (Starscream based, at least) have a hint of Decepticon logo in their torso design, Skywarp epitomizes this – the dark colours giving a Decepticon insignia silhouette.

The Null Ray and blade both look great in this mode, also, and the amazing degree of poseability allows for great playability and display ability!

The only negatives to this figure are the lack of faction symbol, and pointed toes (common to all of the LOC scale versions of this design).

Although I would say I prefer the Sunstorm version of this mold, Skywarp comes a close second, and delivers more on personality.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 7 – Brilliantly thought out, and nearly perfect. Just a bit fiddly at this scale.
Durability: 8 – The mold seems perfectly executed, with easily reattached parts which rarely come off. Those little feet are the only concern.
Fun: 9 – This is one excellent mold, coupled with a nostalgic colour scheme and a classic character! Great for play or display!
Price: 4 – He comes in at a wide range of prices these days, and could cost you from £5 ($10) upwards (expect it to be upwards!). But he was a convention exclusive.
Overall: 7 – He is a lovely piece, and a must have for Seekers fans or wee Transformers collectors. Otherwise price and availability may put you off.

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