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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savvy T's Fanbois review of SDCC Nemesis Prime

Sho...I figured shince we have been discussing what Fanbois or Fanboys should be, I wanted to write this awesome review of the San Diego Comic Con 2008 exclusive Nemesis Prime.

Just want to put this out there, if you are new to the Transformer community and you think you can write toy reviews, it is extremely hard. First you have to have your own opinion of what is and is not a good toy! Second, you have to have internet access and there are still a lot of people who do not know about the internet in the world. I feel sorry for all of you people in those countries who will never get to read this anyway, and those of you reading this, don't be intimidated if you cannot write, it is super easy to become a toy reviewer, just don't expect anyone to read your reviews and if they do, don't expect anyone to like it, because it is YOUR opinion. Apparently any poo-slinging munkeebot (sorry Big Bot) can write a review.

Another thing you MUST do is join a Transformer Forum board so that you can verify that your opinion is the general opinion that everyone else has, so that you can always look like you are right. Here's a secret, shhhhhhhh,,,.don't tell anyone....everyone thinks that he or she is right all of the time!!!!!!

Ok, so we covered a lot of the points of writing a review, but the last and MOST important factor is after you review the legendary and epic newest figure (because Hasbro and Takara Tomy always improve the Transformers from every single robot ever produced in the past, so each new one is BETTER than anything that ever came before it)....don't forget to give the toy a perfect score. If you don't give it a perfect score in every catagory, you might discourage the reader from rushing out and spending his or her last $10 on the best toy ever made. Why would you want to do that? You would be personally responsible to the Fanbois community and everyone will hate you. And trust me, you don't want other Fanboys to hate you because it will ruin your life if they don't like you. I mean, how can one get up in the morning and look in the mirror if other fanboys hated them? I know how it feels, trust me, I have gone to bed many a night because another Fanboy hurt my feelings and told me that I was a fricken idiot.

Ok, so below is my newest review of Nemesis Prime. I didn't follow the standard review format. That's another secret that makes you the ultimate Fanbois and I am trying to establish my status as one of the elite Fanboys, so I am trying to be like them. The other thing is that absolutely everything I wrote is TRUE! Everything!

Name: Nemesis Prime
Function: Unstable Optimus Prime clone.

Motto: "Who da funk does Prime think he is?"

"/Omg, he's an Optimus Prime with black, silver and teal green. Deshepticons! I hatem. How ish it fair that every series Hasbro/Takara Tomy deshides that they should make a Black Convoy. I mean, origanally, I fell in love with Scourge from the RID sheries. I absholutely love that bot and Scourge was wicked sick. Sho, the other day I deshided that I just had to have this San Diego Comic Con exclushive! I mean, I am nobody if I don't and shince I really love the Fanshproject Ultra Magnush, I figured the SDCC Nemesis Prime wass a musht have for my collection!

Sho, while doing some research, apparently Unicron and Sideways struck a deal to end Optimus Prime for-ever. They came up with the idea that if they cloned Optimus Prime from video tapes of Optimus Prime in action, they could destroy Optimus Prime with their super clone...hic...

They took a bunch of space slag and Unicron did his whatchamacallit to make Nemesis Prime. Nemesis Prime's head was a little loose as he is almost as crazy as Galvatron. Wonder why that is? I mean Cyclonus and Scourge were more sociopaths than psychopaths like Galvatron. TBH, Galvatron had the power to kill Hot Rod before Hot Rod became Rodimus Prime. I mean with one shot, he completely obliterated Ultra Magnus into pieces. How in the world did he keep missing Hot Rod?

Oh...shorry,,, we are not talking about Hot Rod, we are talking about Nemesis Prime. So back on track. Well Nemsis Prime comes in a red and grey box. He is voyager class and comes already into truck mode, so there you go, you don't have to figure that part out. Getting him into robot mode was the hard part. First you have to do a lot of steps, then you have him in robot mode! Don't bother being delicate with this guy, he's a real brick and had lots and lots of joints. Not that kind of joint! Shut up!

So I stood him next to my G1 Reissue 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime and Scourge Nemesis Prime is about a half a head taller. I don't have the Classics version, even though I have the other one that looks like the miniature version of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime. NP (I'm tired of writing out his full name anymore) and OP (same thing) look totally bad arse and ready to have an epic fight.! Two major differences: NP has no metal and OP does 2) NP is black and OP is Red/Blue. That's it. Other than that, they are a perfect copy of one another. Well, NP is an updated version of OP, but if you weren't a fanbois with a keen eye, you could easily confuse the two.

Sho onto how aweshome he is...I have never had any other Transformer that made me so happy to display him. I could not quite figure out why they put the side of the truck on his forearms, so I just unscrewed the arms and took them off. The other thing is that I hate the air fin gun. It looks like a dolphin. Other than that, he is perfect. Just those two things, but they are not really major items anyway.


10/10 out of everything. He is absholutely perfect. I paid $65 with shipping and handling on e Bay (formers) Hahah, do you like how I gave Bay a plug?

Oh, by the way, I was checking out Whiskytron while I was wroking on thish review, so shorry if I dint edit or check if anhything was wrong...hic...Since I've been a Fanbois since 1984, I'm shure everyone will undertand that my 26 years of experience and 9 years of experience of writing reviews gives me shpecial priveleges! Have fun and if you don't like my review, keep it to yourself. I rran out of tissues and don't want to cry myself to sleep tonight!

Oh, I'll post pictures after I can find my camera again, it is somewhere under the my massive haul from last week.
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