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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Calvin_0's Review: Slipstream

Name: Slipstream
Function: Espionage
Sub-Group: TFCC Exclusive
Size Class: Deluxe Class

"The truth is well-hidden. To find it, you have to lose yourself in a sea of lies."

Slipstream is a mystery to all those whom she meets. No one knows who she is or from where she comes. All that they know is that she seems a little different from the rest of the Cybertronians who have made Axiom Nexus their home.

Slipstream, the mysterious female clone of Starscream. I been a fan of her since she first appeared in Transformer Animated where Starscream clones himself using protoforms he found, and surprisingly all of his clones came from a part of his personality. When Transformers: Prime reused that plot, imagine my disappointment where all we got are 5 Starscreams. Slipstream is a bit hot headed, smart and a pretty capable fighter. Basically she is Starscream if he wasn't a coward. Too bad she never get her own toy back in TFA, but TFCC give us a Transformers Prime Slipsream, I was really happy even though the toy got delayed for a year.

Alternate Mode:

Slipstream is a repaint of Transformers Prime First Edition Starscream, so her alternate mode is the same as Starscream which is a fighter jet. She is a really nice purple with metallic green all over, she really looks beautiful. This is what she might look like if Slipstream appeared in the show. However there are some unpainted bits near the cockpit, so it looks a bit weird. But that doesn't deter her overall look.

She does have the same problem as all other jet transformers which she has her legs just hanging out under the jet. Other than that, her nosecone and missiles are made out of soft plastic (same as Starscream), however thanks to the way the figure is packaged, the missiles tend to bend, and it all depends on your luck how bent the missiles are. Fortunately mine are only slightly bent but I have seen some that are really out of shape.

As a fighter jet, she has the same playability as, well, any toy plane. She has no moving parts in this mode and the only detachable parts are her missiles which are attached to her wings. They fit rather securely.

Robot Mode:

Transformation to robot mode is fairly complicated, but thankfully it's easy to learn. Once you learn it, it's pretty fun. Also all the joints are pretty tight. So take caution so you don't break some fragile part, like that part which fold into her backpack.

In robot mode, she has a really nice head design. She well, looks like Slipstream. Sadly like Prime Starscream she doesn't have light piping. It would be great if she have some.

But her head does have some problems, one of which is that she isn't accurate to her art design on her bio card, the other is that she look a little bit too much like Starscream. Well she is suppose to be a female clone of Starscream, so that is fine by me.

The overall paint job for Slipstream is as good as her alternate mode and all the colors carry over nicely. Her head's gotten a special treatment as she comes complete with eyeliners and lipstick. I kinda wish they used metallic red for her eyes, that will make them pop out more then flat red. Her thighs however are unpainted purple, according to her bio card, it's supposed to be sliver. But again, consider where those thighs end up in her alternate mode, and painting them silver might make the fighter jet look a bit weird.

The overall robot mode looks great, all the parts are sorted out, nothing awkward from her alternate mode show up in the robot mode... except the nosecone, which makes her look like she has a tail. So besides that, nothing else. Thanks to Prime Starcream looking really feminine, it works well as a female body but it's not perfect.

Since she is based on Prime Starscream, she ends up having a hunchback. She doesn't look great with a hunchback which contributes to her looking like Starscream. But luckily it can be fixed with a simple mis-transformation. All you have to do is instead of pushing her chest forward and pegging her backpack on her chest, just leave the chest straightened and let the peg sit on the back of her neck. You can still peg in her neck but it won't go all the way. By getting rid of the hunchback, it greatly improves the overall look. Now she looks more like Slipstream then Starscream. They should have remolded the backpack so it can be pegged on her chest straight and make this her official look.

For articulation, her head can look straight up, a bit down, left and right. Her arm can rotate 360, inward and outward movement; her big shoulder pad doesn't cause any problem. Additionally, her hand can also rotate left and right. It bends forward at the elbow and inward due to the transformation. Her hand can only bend inwards. Her legs can rotate 350, limited outward and inward movement, they also rotate left and right, bend almost 90 degree at the knee. Her feet and heels also and move forwards and backwards due to transformation. If you want to count it, her wings also have limited forwards and backwards movement and they can also move up and down.

For accessories, she only comes with those soft plastic missiles which can be attached on her hands or wings.

Transformation Design: 4, as I mentioned before, fairly complicated, but easy to learn.

Durability: 7, the soft plastic knee spikes, missiles and her backpack should be kept in mind. Those might break.

Fun: 7, her vehicle mode is just as fun as any toy plane, her robot mode has a lot of replay value and the transformation is fun once you learn it.

Aesthetics: 7, not very accurate to the design on her bio card, but overall still faithful to the character design.

Articulation: 8, a lot of articulation, she only needs a waist joint which she technically have due to transformation but its useless as a joint.

Value/Price: 3, sadly due to being an exclusive, it's going to be pretty expensive. I got mine around 99 USD, 127 including shipping.

Overall: 6, Slipstream has problem here and there, but it's still a pretty good figure. However, due to the price point, she might not be for everyone. So if you are a fan of Slipstream or a fan of seekers, this figure is for you.
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