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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Kamen's review: Armorhide

Name: Armorhide
Fuction: Comedian Solider
Subgroup: Cybertron Scout Vehicles

A soldier to the core, Armorhide is frustrated by mission that don't go perfectly. He often finds himself aggravated during the search for the Planet Key on Earth. Still, he finds a kind of joy in the frequent battles with the Decepticon forces that seem to block him and the other Autobots at every turn. Tough, dedicated and fearless, Armorhide neither asks or gives any mercy in the ongoing battle with the evil Decepticons

Although his bio makes him out as a rough and ready soldier, the Cybertron cartoon (according to the tfwiki has him as both a soldier and a comedian of all things. I suppose Iíll take that as canon, though, consider that Armorhide plays Fred Liner in Channel l337's Bad Mother Truckers stop motion series.

Alternate Mode:

Here Armorhide is a blue and silver cab-over-engine tractor-trailer cab. His detailing is simple but nice, and even his Cyber Key port is unobtrusive. The crane he comes with can plug into a square hole were the trailer attachment would be. The crane cannot rotate but the hook can move up and down. Uniquely for a Cybertron figure, his Cyber Planet Key can be stored on the crane arm. He rolls well, but otherwise thereís not much to say about him other than that he looks nice and has no real flaws.

Robot Mode:

Even without any new colours, Armorhide makes a stout, little robot. Despite ball-joints on his neck, elbows, and hips, he is quite back heavy, especially with his Cyber Key plugged in. He may still, however, strike some good poses, and the delightful grimace molded on his face give him some attitude no matter what position heís in. The crane becomes a rather large rifle in this mode. It manages to look the part even with the crane hook hanging off the end. His Cyber Key gimmick (which does work in vehicle mode) is easier to access in robot mode. Plug it into his back to flip up his chest, revealing a rack of eight red-tipped missiles. As in vehicle mode, Armorhide is quite a solid figure with very few flaws.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: Simple and clever. 3

Durability: Iíve had no problems and with his storage capability you donít even have to worry about losing his Key. 8

Fun: Heís very simply put together, yet I am quite fond of him. 8

Price: Retailed for $6 USD, now he (and his Movie redeco) go for a low-low price of $12-15 USD; a bit excessive, me thinks, but he is a nice figure. 6

Overall: Armorhide somewhat embodies a less-is-more approach. His design and paint scheme are both very simple. His primary gimmick, little more than a opening panel, is unobtrusive, yet quite satisfying. Finally, the small addition of two bits of plastic that allow him to store his Key put him over the edge. If a reasonable price knocks, take the opportunity. 8
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