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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Batmanners' review of: Cybertron Blurr

Name: Blurr
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Racing Coach
Sub-Group: Speed Planet

"A former race champion, BLURR retired years ago and has since made a career coaching younger speedsters in the subtleties of racing. He is a tough teacher, with a gruff personality that often comes across as bad-tempered to those who don't know him. Long-time students of his know, however, that his demanding temperment hides a gentle Spark. He is tough on those who come to him for training because he takes their successes and failures personally, and he requires no less from his students - and himself - than their best."

I haven't seen the original G1 cartoons since I was 4, so having bought the Transformers movie recently, I laughed at every line Blurr was given, making him the coolest Transformer in the movie to me. I knew of his existence but had no idea of his fast-paced speech patterns. I immediately looked up all available versions of him on and found that he was available as an Armada figure. I made no attempt to buy one as the color scheme was ruined, the head was messed and didn't have much in common with the old Blurr I had beloved. Seeing he was available in the Cybertron line, I checked him out. The mold was almost the same as Armada, but the colors were pretty close to what I wanted, the head was a LOT better and the rest of him was overall better than the Armada release. So I proudly aquired him and am now reaping the benefits of having a character they surely made speak at a regular pace in this series, but I don't care, when all's said and done, people will remember Blurr from the movie as the fast-talking fast-walking robot.

Alternate Mode:
This vehicle looks like a Ford GT on energon cubes. Obviously, this was not based on any real vehicles. First glance will tell you he looks like a rocket race car. And that's exactly what he is. The color that jumps at you is the sparkly light blue. It's the primary color for the car. He has a red stripe going across the body although the secondary color is yellow, which appears on the winsheild and headlights with sparkles. He has been made very curved to help created a resemblance with the old Blurr. The back of the car looks like it is rocket powered. The problem with this is that he has two perfectly square openings, makes him look unfinished. Use the cyberkey and two panels will open on the sides of Blurr, although they look like wing, it is not featured anywhere that Blurr has a flight mode, although effort seems to have been made to make it seem this way. When the wings are folded out, you can take his rocket launchers, mount them on the wings, close them and you get rid of the two ugly openings he previously had. This mode is sturdy, although you might have problems with theWindsheild staying in good alignement with the hood. The underside of the car, reveals Blurr for what he truly is, a robot in disguise. That aside, excellent alt. mode.

Robot Mode:
There he stands, although taller than scouts, he is still a little short. This is one of my favorite robot modes, as I love the big shoulders. The entire body is blue, two shades. Also you will notice dark transparent pieces for the knees and shoulders. The head is a blue helmet with a white face, as he had in the G1 series. The head is by-far, the best feature of this robot, made to look like the original Blurr and not the Halo-like head we were treated to with Armada. He has the look of determination in his eyes. Behind him, the sides of the car, now open, look like a cape. The autobot crest is engraved on his chest. As far as poseable. Though the shoulders aren'e poseable, the arms have a wide selection of poses. The legs are mounted on with a ball joint, which is harder to move than anticipated, but still movable.. The knees don't bend. So it is hard to give him a fairly decent action pose aside from spreading the legs. The problem is, most of the weight is on the back of the bot, therefore he will almost always fall backwards. To counter this, you can attach his weapons into his horrible hands. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but one of my guns just refuses to be held, so my only option is to mount one gun on his hand while leaving the other on his back. Either way, both guns aren't held onto very hard and fall off easy. Even when he does hold them, the odd angle of his hands added with the tight joints, make him hard to pose, but he manages to look pretty while doing it. He looks like he's ready for business, but doesn't go all the way.

Beautiful in both modes. The hands should have been made the same way about 90% of all the other robot's hands were made, with round pegs. The whole rectangular peg in a semi-completed half oval doesn't suit me. I've had problems with transforming him back into the vehicle mode, though I know exactly what to do, I just mess around and eventually it fixes itself and I can finish off the transformation no problem. The remold is the main reason this character doesn't make good use of his Cyberkey, which can be a good thing as stupid features are often unlocked by this.

Transformation: 5 - Simple enough, though instructions were required for the first time, and transforming into his car can be a pain.
Durability: 7 - I don't think it will break. Nor do I hope so. I base this on the fact the guns won't stay in place and isn't very stable in car mode.
Fun: 9 - It's Blue and he's blue. My favorite character, with my favorite color, with his nice guns. He would have had 10 had he been gifeted with round grip for hands.
Price: 10 - Good mold. Most of the problems I had with Armada are now fixed. Good bargain now.
Overall: 8... -1 Bad hands, -1 Hard to pose. That's it.
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