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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

sageofgrapefruit's review: Buzzsaw

Name: Buzzsaw
Function: Decepticon Beast Wars reference
Sub-Group: Not applicable
"Say hello to my little friend,"

"Despite the evacuation of Cybertron, and the incredible danger presented by the black hole, many of the bravest, craziest or most foolish stayed behind. Buzzsaw is one of the crazies, a dangerous rogue from the Decepticon old guard who intends to hoard as much of the planet's Energon as he can for himself, hoping to gain enough power to destroy the Autobots upon their return! For now, he is content to lurk in the abandoned cities of Cybertron, practicing his marksmanship by blowing the tops off the old Energon Towers."

The original Buzzsaw was part of G1 Soundwave's spy team, and later appeared in the Beast Wars as a Waspinator recolor. Now we have Cybertron Buzzsaw, still a Decepticon, which is an interesting homage to the Beast Wars version, despite being a Armada Cyclonus remould.

Nothing much more to say, other than: Onto the review!

Alternate Mode:
Buzzsaw's alt mode is a Cybertron mode helicopter. It seems to be made for war, which explains the many weapon systems, like two guns mounted on the front of the helicopter.

Younger kids do love the many weapons. :-)

It does a horrible job at hiding the robot mode, with you are able to discern the arms and legs, plus you can see the back of his head.

Cyclonus' mini-con gimmick remains from Armada, which involves pulling up the copter's cockpit to reveal....something. I never bought Cyclonus, so I was quite confused, until I read the jAaM parody. Cyclonus' Mini-Con Crumplezone in tank mode, can attach to the front to form the infamous "Attack mode" that plagues so many Transformers these days.

Hasbro is somewhat kind, having remoulded the cockpit to look more wasp-like to work with the whole Beast Wars theme. The cyber key gimmick replaces the tiny Mini-Con ports with some giant Cyber Key adapter, in order to do what the original Mini-Con did, which in this case, is just fire the missiles on the arms. Truth be told, the missiles don't fire really well, so it's a sort of moot point here.

Robot Mode:
To transform Buzzsaw, one merely pulls the legs down, pull down the arms,
and pull up the head. Lot of pulling. Little transforming.

Once in robot mode, if one knows Buzzsaw from Beast Wars, one can easily recognize him. At least his head. The rest of him is a helicopter/robot cross, which looks nothing like the original.

The Cyber Key power is the same, except for some reason, the missiles fire farther than vehicle mode. Buzzsaw has a million and one molded guns on him, and two 'guns' on his legs. If one has Crumplezone, one merely needs to attach him a la Armada Cyclonus, plus pull up the leg guns, pose him like he hates you, and you have what I call the "kill you dead" mode, which only ADDS to his small children appeal.

Posaebility is moderately sucky, with him having only 12 points of articulation, which is sort of sad for a Cybertron figure. Cybertron figures are somewhat poseable, but Hasbro has put the points so they pose like robots, which is how they're portrayed in the TV show. Buzzsaw poses like a person imitating a robot, not a robot imitating a human. I quite wish I have the guts (or tools) to rip apart other Transformers and add joints. A few more points of articulation would have helped this figure.

Marks out of ten for the following

Transformation: 3 That thing is so easy...ergh.
Durability: 10 You can't kill it. Surprising, you wouldn't know it from one look at it. You may lose the missiles, but it won't break. Great for little kids.
Fun: 5 Fun for about ten minutes. Way more fun for younger fans
Price: 5 $10 at time of purchase. Now one has to find one on ebay. I've seen them for about $10 still. For the collector, ergh. But if you're getting a gift for a young Transformers fan, it's a good buy.
Overall: 6 This is one of the more 'buy for younger kids' mold. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Way better buy for younger kids. If you're getting this for a young Transformers fan, then it's a 8 at least
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