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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
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ravimus prime's review of: Clocker

Name: Clocker
Allegiance: Autobot

A young speedster with nerves of steel and technique to spare. Quick-thinking, clever and courageous, his size prevents him from presenting a real challenge on the track. He races out of a sense of duty to his mentor Brakedown, and he knows every bit of road on the Speed Planet like the back of his hand. It's his knowledge of the Great Race that gives Hot Shot the edge he needs.

Well, I wanted to burn some money on a transformer. I couldn't get Soundwave from eBay, so I went to my local toy store and looked around for something different. I found Clocker, nice looking and cheap. Perfect. He was my first scout class figure became one of my favourites in the Cybertron line...

Vehicle Mode:
Clocker is a Velocitron styled racing car in vehicle mode: a convertible one. He's straight cut and angular in this mode. His shape, along with long pipes on his sides, is reminiscent of G1 Hot Rod. There are little seats and a steering wheel in the interior. Clocker has a fairly stocky rear end, which adds to his appearance. Insert his cyber key here, and two panels swivel up. Pull out the guns from these panels and you have his attack mode. Itís a fairly nice gimmick for an excellent vehicle mode.

Robot Mode:
Cute. That's what Clocker is in robot mode. He's so small and colourful. His head sculpt makes him look old, but he's supposed to be youthful and wild. Well, that's not cute. You can place his tail pipes in his hands as weapons or put them the other side and fold them back for storage. Nice touch. His fist holes are so deep that you can also put his engine in one of his hands while there is still a set of pipes in storage. Insert the cyber key in his engine for the same gimmick as mentioned before. Clocker has good poseability as well. The only limited places for articulation are at the elbows where you can only move his forearms up or down. Still enough for great poses though.

Transformation: 5. Easy, but still harder than Cybertron Defense Hotshot.
Durability: 7. His forearms may come off but can be easily fixed. His cyber key won't stay in the slot either, like Vector Prime.
Fun: 10. Everything to keep a child happy, don't know about you... But generally if you get fun from transformers, you'll like this as I do.
Price: 9. Cheap, I got mine for Ä10, even cheaper in America. Don't know about Europe; check the checklist.
Overall: 9. I recommend this fully to all fans of the scout class figures of just Cybertron in general.
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