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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Dennis' review of: Cybertron Crumplezone

Name: Crumplezone
Faction: Decepticon
Sub group: Speed Planet

Bio: Trusting but dumb, CRUMPLEZONE is often drawn into serving as the muscle to back up the paranoid plotting of his partner RANSACK. Huge, powerful and super-fast, CRUMPLEZONE is sometimes surprised by sudden turns. Not that it matters - he's the biggest guy on the Speed Planet, and crashing straight ahead through whatever gets in his way is his specialty. Twin-turbine ramjets can propel him at nearly the speed of sound, and selective thrust reversal allows him to fire hypersonic, high-explosive slugs nearly 12 miles.

I was actually not too interested in the Crumplezone figure at first, but Christmas came along and so did a ton of extra cash. Spending a bit of it at the same supermarket where I got Vector Prime, I also bought a very nice piece of plastic and electronics that has started to grow on me. Going by the Takara name Landbullet, I can see where it comes from. It seems like this `Con can storm through everything like he was shot out of a cannon.

Vehicle mode:
This is a very… interesting design (and very hard to describe). It's a three-wheeled, high-speed racing thingamajig, and that's my best guess. For a racing vehicle, it's awfully bulky. Mainly, it's the traditional "narrow at the front, wide in the back" design. There’s one transparent blue wheel in the front, and the other two in the back (now that’s truly amazing).

Colors are mainly dark and light green with a lot of light gray and some bronze detailing. The cabin window is made of the same blue plastic as the wheels, and it is transparent: believe it or not, there's a molded cabin inside. On each side behind the cabin there's huge light-gray engine thingies, each one covered with a small light gray part.

In between the engine turbines are the cyber planet key slots, and in front of those is a tiny Decepticon symbol. On each side of the front wheel, there's a thing that sticks out a bit like a fork. All in all, this is a very good design, and you really get a feeling of brawn about it.

Robot mode:
I'm not going to cover the transformation since it's so simple. In robot mode, Crumplezone keeps all his colors and gains no others. The cabin now goes into his chest, and the engines/thrusters sit on his back. The fork things from the vehicle section become the feet, and the whole rear wheel frame becomes his arms, which are massive. At the end of each arm there are fists that match the proportions of the lower arms. Again, there's that amazing feeling of brawn.

His head is amazingly well sculpted, and there’s a “Jaws” feeling to the head (the Jaws from James Bond). The head features the "neck-chip" which causes the eyes to light up when held in the light. How this would be possible with the thing behind his neck, I don't know. He's well articulated and can turn at the waist, knees, elbows, shoulders and head. He has bending joints at the knees, hips and elbows. His elbows and hips also swing outwards.

Inserting the key into the slot causes the engine turbines to swing forward over his shoulders, becoming large laser cannons that can fire missiles. This also triggers an activation sound.

Transformation: 3/10. It’s a simple transformation that no one should have trouble with.
Durability: 8/10. A sturdy piece of plastic he is (even though mine is squeaking in the joints).
Fun: 10/10. Crumplezone, smash!
Price: X. Depends on what you’re after and what you count as expensive. 289 sek is a fair price (multiply by seven to get the approximate dollar value).
Overall: 9/10. A very outstanding toy worthy a place in everybody’s collection.
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