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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Box Art:

Seerus Nalaius's review of: Cybertron Defense Hot Shot

Name: Hot Shot
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Heavy Assault

HOT SHOT isnít psyched to give up his modified racer mode and the speed that went with it, but in the service of CYBERTRON, any sacrifice is worthwhile to him. His adventures on the Speed Planet taught him that speed isnít everything Ė true victory can only be won through a combination of wits, reflexes, and, when it comes down to it, the right weaponry. His new, heavily armed modes pack enough firepower to keep most enemies at bay, but if they get close enough, HOT SHOT is more than happy to show them the sword fighting techniques he learned from BRAKEDOWN back on the Speed Planet.

Hot Shot seems to have gotten the short end of the deal when it came to the Cybertron Defense team. He is still a Deluxe Class figure, and he is limited in what he can do. He still looks good, but lets take a closer look.

Robot Mode:

Hot Shot is actually a bit shorter than his first figure. This is surprising since he is upgraded and should at least be as tall or almost as tall as Scattorshot or Red Alert. At least in the show he was only a little bit shorter once he stood next to them. Another thing is that in robot mode, he is nearly a brick. He barely has much articulation thanks to his elbow joints being funky, and his large shoulders reduce pontential poseability severely. Well at least he is heavily armed. He comes with a knife (he brought a knife to a gun fight?), four shoulder mounted machine guns, and a total of 82 (I counted every single one to be certain) missiles. 82 missiles. That's a lot of fireworks he is packing, and yet not a single one fires. That's for the best however, since those things are so small if one even fires you'd probably lose it forever. His colors in this mode are ligth blue, black, red, and some yellow here and there. Let's move onto vehicle mode, where he is somewhat better.

Vehicle Mode:

Here is the reason why Hot Shot's robot mode has suffered. Being a heavily armored transport doesn't translate that well into robot mode. However don't get me wrong, I actually like how he looks in vehicle mode. The machine guns look great on top of the vehicle, and I definetly can imagine this thing rolling down a battered street in some movie. In fact I think I did see somethnig like this in a movie. I'm not too sure. The front bumpers open upto reveal a row of 8 missiles (these were added in the total already) and two additional machine guns. It looks awesome, but the knife is stored and the back left side of the it stands out as extremely awkward. Thats probably the only bad thing about it though.

Transformation: 6 Pretty easy. He still is a deluxe after all.
Durability: 7.5 He is strudy, but due to his smaller size I don't feel he is as sturdy as CD Red Alert.
Fun: 6.5 Not as much as he should be. He got jipped.
Price: 5 $10 Still feels a bit like a rip once you get him out.
Overall: 6.5 On his own I'd say you could pass, but if you can manage to get the whole Cybertron Defense Team, then he is redeemed somewhat. At least having him by the others makes him better, if only by association.
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