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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

DDM's review of: Cybertron Defense Hot Shot

Name: Hot Shot
Function: Planetary Defence
HOT SHOT isn't psyched to give up his modified racer mode and the speed that went with it, but in the service of CYBERTRON, any sacrifice is worthwhile to him. His adventures on the Speed Planet taught him that speed isn't everything - true victory can only be won through a combination of wits, reflexes, and, when it comes down to it, the right weaponry. His new, heavily armed modes pack enough firepower to keep most enemies at bay, but if they get close enough, HOT SHOT is more than happy to show them the sword fighting techniques he learned from BRAKEDOWN back on the Speed Planet.

I really liked this mold when I was first getting into cybertron, and due to the fact that I couldn’t (and still can’t) find one of the normal Hotshot figures, he’s my next best thing.

Alternate Mode:
Cybertron defence Hot Shot has changed from a sleek race car to a military vehicle of some sort. It looks a lot like a personnel carrier of some sort with a huge turret on top. You can tell it was supposed to look tough as nails, and it certainly feels tough too. This thing is built like a brick, on one occasion I dropped him in his vehicle mode and he bounced of my hand as I tried to catch him and fell a good 30cm onto a metal part of my desk, with no damage. Now, the cyber key. The cyber key in this mode changes the turret into a very dangerous looking missile battery, and while none of these actually fire I’m sure the 16 missiles painted on the inside would make any decepticon spring an oil leak in his pants.

Robot Mode:
After a fairly simple (but still entertaining) transformation you get the best part of this transformer, his robot mode. The best part about this mode, based on pictures I have seen is that he still retains a look VERY similar to his racer version, and now he just looks “beefed up”. Not to mention that he is armed to the teeth with four missile batteries (again, painted on), two laser cannons and a knife. When I first got this I found it very odd for him to have a knife, probably because it doesn’t seem that child friendly. We have all sorts of fancy cannons and swords on other figures, but Hot Shot gets a knife and this for me was insanely awesome and unique. He is also an amazing display figure due to absolutely no kibble and loads of articulation (12 points in total) allowing him to stand in the nicest positions possible.

Transformation: 4, simple but still fun to perform
Durability: 10, I think this thing is, quite literally, a plastic brick
Fun: 8, Amazing to display, but even more fun to play with (wish he had a projectile weapon though)
Price: 8, 13$ Canadian for this much fun is a bargain.
Overall: 10, amazing modes and even if you are remotely interested in the Cybertron figures, this is for you.
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