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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius's review of: Cybertron Defense Red Alert

Name: Red Alert
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Medic, Heavy Assault
"Say hello to my little friend." (Yes, he really did say that.)

RED ALERT is, first and foremost, a healer. As AUTOBOT medic, he has never hesitated to rush onto a battlefield under heavy fire to assist and injured commrade. Indeed, there are many AUTOBOTS (and even one or two DECEPTICONS) who owe their lives to him. It is because of his skills as a healer that OPTIMUS PRIME handpicks him to be part of a team - along with HOT SHOT and SCATTERSHOT - to return to CYBERTRON and cleanse his home world of the TERRORCONS infestation. Though he is uncomfortable with his new armor and heavy weapons with which he has been upgraded, he recognizes their necessity, and will not hesitate to engage in battle if his hand is forced.

Healer? I'm sorry but with that much armor and weapons Red Alert is doing way more damage then he could hope to heal. Anyway, after a massive beating from Megatron, Red Alert is back in action.

Robot Mode:

Red Alert towers over his old form and bears a fair more intimidating stance and look than before. In robot mode, his colors are white, blue, with red, orange, and brown thrown in there as well. He's fairly poseable too, able to strike a couple of stances. He's outfitted with a massive missle on his right shoulder, and using the Cyber Planet Key opens the shell and reveals the missile launcher. Strange enough, it doesn't make a firing sound, but a bunch of computers beeps. I wonder what they were thinking? Thats not fitting in any way. However, if you slide the missile off the launch rack you get a liftoff sound. His left arm is outfitted with a shotgun-esqe weapon, which also can be changed into a hammer or grabbing claw with the extensions tucked away in his shins. However, unlike his first form, these additions look odd and out of place in his new armored form. This is in my opinion his strongest mode, though his vehicle mode is still awsome too...

Vehicle Mode:
Speaking of which, in vehicle mode Red Alert now becomes a missile lugging APC. The colors are the same in this mode, but with all his armor it looks like the only way you could get in is with a key. I could definately see him rolling over rugged terrain looking for a few Decepticons to share the explosive power of his weaponry with. However, other then raising and lowering the missile and pushin him along, he doesn't really do much in this mode.

Transformation: 8 A little bit complicated, you may need the directions for the first few times.
Durability: 9 He's very sturdy looking, and he feels like he could take quite a beating.
Fun: 9 A heavily armed and armored robot. What's not to like?
Price: 7 $30 is a bit hefty, but it's your call.
Overall: 8.5 He's a great addition, plus he looks great with the rest of the team. So if you want a nice new addition to your shelf or display place of choice, go pick him up. Seriously, he shouldn't be that hard to find.
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