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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Seerus Nalaius's review of: Cybertron Defense Scattorshot

Name: Scattorshot
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Heavy Assault

SCATTORSHOT has proven himself a hero during the campaign on Earth, and his newfound confidence manifests itself in his redesigned robot and vehicle modes. He is perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions he will find on CYBERTRON. Its surface is cracked and tossed into jagged rubble by the horrible gravity of the black hole, and it is infested with dangerous TERRORCONS, mutant robots programmed only for destruction. SCATTORSHOT still worries about bad luck, but he now believes that enough firepower can overcome even all the bad luck in the universe.

Scattorshot has a point. There is very little in this universe that can't be overcome with enough firepower and explosives. And he certainly can back that up with his new look.

Robot Mode:

Jumping up from a Scout to a Voyager figure, Scattorshot gains some much needed height and additional firepower. Armed with 22 missiles, a arm mounted laser cannon, arm mounted missile launcher, and a rifle, his favorite word has to be overkill. However, that little blue rifle can't really be held once all the other weapons are out, save for an awkward upside down position. I personally just clip it to one of the pegs on his legs and its fine. His colors in this mode are blue, silver, a tanish brown, and some black added in for good measure. Poseability wise however, he has trouble. Those big missile launchers reduce his movement, and his bulky legs aren't too flexible. So other than looking good, he doesn't have too much to do. But with what he CAN do, he does very very well.

Vehicle Mode:

As an Anti-Air Tank, Scattorshot definetly looks like he could punch any flying Decepticons out of the air with ease. However, the turret has a bit of a problem, at least on my figure anyway. It can rotate 360 degrees in one direction, but it won't in the other. I don't want to force it in fear of it breaking. Odd. I like the front shield near the treads of the tank, it's fearsome and ready to tear up any obstacles in his path. However, he has a gaping hole in this mode that's on the top of the tank. Thats just tacky and lame. They couldn't have added somethnig to cover it up? Oh well.

Transformation: 7.5 A neat little conversion, but not that difficult.
Durability: 8 Just about as sturdy as CD Red Alert.
Fun: 8 Far more fun than Hot Shot, and he has a great variety of weapons.
Price: 7 $25 A bit much since he doesn't even make one noise for having all those weapons, but he is worth it.
Overall: 8 He's the second best of the team, and he is a worthwhile addition to your collection. If you spot him, I recommend you pick him up.
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