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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Justin's review of: Cybertron Hot Shot

Name: Hot Shot
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Speed Planet

A natural leader with a lot yet to learn, HOT SHOT often races straight into danger at top speed. He takes great pride in the fact that he's the fastest AUTOBOT there is, but it isn't until he gets to the SPEED PLANET that he learns the true meaning of velocity. Faced by the almost unbeatable OVERRIDE, HOT SHOT needs to learn a whole new way of thinking about acceleration before he can win the Great Race.

Vehicle Mode:
Hot Shot comes packaged in his alt mode which is a blue sports car, with translucent yellow windows and a little yellow thrown onto the spoiler area for good measure. In vehicle mode Hot Shot looks like he was built to drive fast and nothing else. The shape of the body reminds me of some sort of cross between a Saleen and a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Though this mode seems to take its styling cues from current vehicles there is a hint of undeniable G1 Hotrod influence in this sleek and low-slung mode.

The great thing about this figure in this mode is the amount of details; I find myself saying that a lot in the days of post Armada figures. Peering through the windshield you will see a pair of bucket seats and a steering wheel. The wheels arenít molded solid like we have come to expect with some figures. The spoke design looks like something you would expect to see driving down the road today rather than a circular piece of plastic with a couple holes poked in it to make it sort of look like a realistic wheel from across the room. The only thing detracting from the visual impact of Hot Shotís Alt-mode is the wavy mold marks present on the front end of the car between the head lights. The yellow paint application to the rear of the car isnít as thick or as smooth as it could have been, but considering this is one of the first shipments of the first wave of figures this minor problem will likely be remedied.

Just for fun the missile launcher can be attached to the vehicleís roof to create the figures attack mode. This detracts from the sports car feel of the figure but ads extra fun for living room floor skirmishes. The vehicle mode is where the Planet Key feature is utilized. Plug the key into the slot located on the roof and out pop two small translucent yellow wings. This feature reminds me of the G1 mail away Omnicons and their quasi-third modes. The wings just look a little bit lame. When I first got my Cybertron Hot Shot the wings didnít want to lock into their folded in position. One side would lock in but the other wouldnít. After a few weeks had passed the problem seemed to have fixed itself. This oddity combined with the lack of smoothness to their motion and their overall flimsiness brings to mind questions about the long term durability of the planet key/wing mechanism.

Robot Mode:
After making your way through a pretty straightforward transformation you are met with a robot that exceeds most expectations for a deluxe sized figure. The colors are primarily that of the vehicle mode (light blue with black, silver and yellow accents) with the addition of red for the thighs and arms. Among the many molded and painted details is a single Autobot symbol gracing the left shoulder. The head sculpt looks great incorporating 5 colors without coming across as too busy.

This bot looks large for his price bracket towering over Energon Hot Shot. The proportions are almost perfect aside from the shins being a bit bulky in comparison to the thighs. The top portion of Hot Shotís car mode hangs on his back in robot mode but this does not detract from the visual appeal at all. The doors/windows from his car mode act as shields which is an interesting way of incorporating them into robot mode. This figure is packed with articulation. The arms are each equipped with three joints including a ball joint that is not quite at the elbow or the wrist. While this causes an awkward look and range of motion for some figures, in this case it works well. Leg articulation comes courtesy of ball jointed hips and hinged knees.

The combination of articulation and detail found in this figure make him perfect for your collection. Whether you intend to use your figures solely as display pieces or use your living room floor as the battlefield in a war for the fate of the universe Hot Shot is a must own piece from the Cybertron line.

Transformation: 8- Transforming this figure is far from difficult. While the transformation is well designed, from the bottom there is no way to miss the head and hands so he loses a couple disguise points.
Durability: 9- I donít see any main parts of the figure breaking or wearing out. The weakest link definitely seems to be the wing/planet key mechanism.
Fun: 10- A sleek sports car and a poseable robot carrying a big gun that shoots a missile -- need I say more?
Price: 10- He seems large for this price bracket and is well designed.
Overall: 9- Hot Shot exceeded the expectations I had for him. Pick him up you wonít be disappointed... unless you noticed the mention of G1 Hot Rod and expect a carbon copy.
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