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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Batmanner's review of: Cybertron Hot Shot

Name: Hot Shot
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Speed
Sub-Group: Speed Planet

A natural leader with a lot yet to learn, HOT SHOT often races straight into danger at top speed. He takes great pride in the fact that he's the fastest AUTOBOT there is, but it isn't until he gets to the Speed Planet that he learns the true meaning of velocity. Faced by the almost unbeatable OVERRIDE, HOT SHOT needs to learn a whole new way of thinking about acceleration before he can win the Great Race.

Probably a favorite of all children out there that watch the show, although they won't recognize him in Cybertron if they got to know him in Armada or Energon. New colors, new look, new Hot Shot. It's all for the best. I've always been a fan of car based Transformers, which explains why I hated Beast Wars, so this was an obvious one to buy for me. I find he looks like a differently colored Hot Rod. The yellow wings don't help at all, but the Lamborghini-like figure gives it away. There's also a Japanese re-color of this mould available that seems to match him to Hot Rod's colorings.

Alternate Mode:
A Lamborghini or Ferrari -like vehicle. Hot Shot is fast, always-has-been-always-will-be so this new looks suits him perfectly. The only problem I have with this is that the light blue and yellow colors that don't really work well together. Transformers need color coordination too. It's really good and solid, nothing comes undone if you drop him on the floor... which I know because I just did it. Special features includes the Cyberkey insert that reveals two wings that stand out the sides, and the gun that comes with it being able to be mounted on top (so he can win races by eliminating his opponents?)

Robot Mode:
Really good looking. Really posable, proportioned limbs, and a complimentary set of colors when transformed. All-in-all, a very well-made robot form. Downsides I can think of: the back panel spins and can't be locked into place so often it will be crooked, like an uneven picture frame. I like perfection and good angles. Also, the arms aren't designed to reach out to the side all the way or else it will put the shoulder over the head. Aside from that it's really fun to play with, and my brother liked it. The special feature in this mode is again a reveal for the yellow 'wing' parts.

Transformation: 2 - Like a hot knife through hot butter.
Durability: 10 - No problems and no loose joints.
Fun: 9 - The average of Hot Shot's stats
Price: 8 - Deluxe Class...not the cheapest but always worth it.
Overall: 10 - Must own. Good Transformer, I just wish he was a Supreme class.
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