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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Alternator Swindle's review of: Cybertron Landmine

Name: Landmine
Faction: Autobot
Function: Battlefield Commander

With a wisdom born of experience, and a tactical knowledge unmatched among the Autobot ranks, Landmine is a soldier other 'bots follow without reservation. He suffered heavy injuries in the final fight with Unicron. After crash-landing on Earth, he was repaired by the new human allies of the Autobots. An excellent battlefield commander, he's determined to prevent the Decepticons from gaining and edge by recovering the Earth Cyber Planet Key.

I got this guy at a TRU in less than thirty seconds with my aunt...

Landmine is basically your construction vehicle colors of red, yellow, black and brown. There's also some gray in the mix, and orange on the lights. He also has scuff marks on his lifter, which I hate.

Vehicle Mode:
In this mode, Landmine is a futuristic front-end loader, which was explained in the second Cybertron episode, “Landmine”. I took mine outside and found out that the shovel lifts twenty small rocks and two large ones. The nice thing with the vehicle mode is that the only parts of the robot mode that's really exposed are the legs, as well as the hands (depending on how you move him). My final gripe is the big gaping hole in the front of the vehicle.

Robot Mode:
After the short transformation, Landmine stands before you with a whole lot of weight in the back. However, if you have the Energon Landmine mold, then you know that Landmines always have a backpack (in this case, two wheels and a gun peg). His arms are the perfect size for him; his gun missile hits the ground, but at least it’s not an Energon Inferno incident. His legs are the point that the figure goes to hell in a hand basket for me. This is because of those darn wheels that just have to swivel down. That can be resolved, however, by spreading out his legs.

Force Chip Mode:
This was a bit of a letdown for me because, in the show, when he combines with his chip he flips the wheels over his head and they start to spin really fast. I tried that, but he looks stupid, and even the directions don't help.

Transformation: 6. Way too easy.
Durability: 8. The possibility of losing the force chip and gun/missile drop him down a bit.
Fun: 9. Landmine has a lot of articulation, and those shovel pieces at the end can be fun (to a point).
Price: 9. $10 isn'’t that bad.
Overall: 8. Not that bad, so go buy him!
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