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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius's review of: Cybertron Leobreaker

Name: Leobreaker
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Jungle Warrior/Combination
Sub-Group: Jungle Planet

After learning some tough lessons at the ruthless hands of the Jungle Planet's dictator SCOURGE, OVERHAUL found greater strength in himself than he thought possible and morphed into the mighty LEOBREAKER! His new lion mode is a nearly unstoppable hunter, perfectly adapted to life and battle on the Jungle Planet. Teamed up with the Jungle Planet rebels, he's determined to bring the fight to the evil dragon-bot and his DECEPTICON cronies in a final battle for freedom and the Jungle Planet Key!

Truth be told, the only reason I bought Leobreaker was because I wanted to have him hook up to my Cybertron Optimus. Had that factor not been there I would've passed him up (and trust me, I don't pass up on a new TF that easily). Though he does have a semi-decent robot mode, the beast mode is horribly designed, and leaves so much to be desired. Lets examine him shall we?

Beast Mode:
Leobreaker comes packaged in this form, and for most it will make or break the decision on whether to purchase him or not. Lets start with his colors first. Leobreaker is painted in primarily golden tan, white, black, and hints of red and green. The shape of the lion body roughly, ROUGHLY captures the form of said beast. However, it was executed poorly in design. I'm certain Beast Wars had better then this, but since I missed out on BW I can't say for certain. The hind legs are awkward in length, and the front legs are large and bulky due to the shoulders. The Power Claws don't look that great either, they stick out horribly unless you have them folded down. The head however, is a pretty nice sculpt. The mane is well done and the entire head has a real biomechanical feel to it, and thatís something you don't see too often in a Transformer. However, minus the nice lion head, the whole beast concept is lost on this figure. You can see what they were going for, but they didn't do nearly as well as they could have.

Robot Mode:
The robot mode is somewhat better then beast mode, but that isn't saying too much. The legs are way to thick and long, and due to the placing of his knees for beast mode, Leobreaker walks funny once in robot mode. The waist is funky too thanks to the middle of the lion body folding down over the hips. The arms are just sad too. The only real change is they fold out at the sides, making them just as awkward as the legs cause its a weird and ugly shape. Of course the shape makes the articulation limited and poses seem out of place as well. The lionís head does make a very nice torso though, and the mane becomes a ponytail, which looks pretty good. The look of overhauls' head is preserved in this new form, only on a larger and more detailed scale, which makes him seem fierce and determined. The tail becomes a whip, but since its not articulated it looks more like a sword. I mean they could've segmented the pieces so it could flex and bend a bit like a whip, which would've made this form a bit better. The claws though look better as weapons here, so just put the whip aside. However, poses are limited so the only good pose I found echoes that of a similarly clawed mutant...

Even so, the robot mode isn't that much better then the beast mode, but its still not much better. The only real draw to buying him is to hook up to Optimus.

Transformation: 3 - Way too simple and insulting. Instructions should only be needed for linking him up to Optimus.
Durability: 7 - Pretty sturdy, but the lions head could get easily disconnected from the middle since itís not held that well by the clips.
Fun: 5, (8) - He's not that great on his own, but once hooked up to Optimus things improve a lot.
Price: 8 - For what you get, the price doesn't fit at all. Though the combination factor does help.
Summary: 6 - You may want to pass on Leobreaker. He lacks a lot of stuff to really stick around on your shelf. So unless you get him onto Optimus you may not want to get him, or just move him into the back.
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