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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Justin's review of: Legends of Cybertron Optimus Prime

Name: Optimus Prime
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Autobot Leader

OPTIMUS PRIME is a leader in the best sense of the word, taking point on every mission and never sending his team into any situation he wouldn't go himself. Dedicated to the protection of all life and the preservation of freedom for all sentient beings, he serves as a role model for his fellow AUTOBOTS. It is through his keen intelligence, even hand, steady nerves and endless compassion that the AUTOBOTS continue to frustrate the DECEPTICONS evil plans again and again. In a desperate race against time, OPTIMUS PRIME has been forced to send teams of his best soldiers into unknown parts of the Universe in search of the lost Cyber Planet Keys, ancient artifacts with the power to save CYBERTRON and the rest of the Universe from the giant black hole formed from the implosion of UNICRON.

Vehicle Mode:
This figure’s vehicle mode is a red and blue truck which is not very faithful to his cartoon representation. The front of the truck has a cab and bumper shape very similar to the fire truck used in the cartoon and leader class mold. Looking at the rear of the truck however any similarity to his character dissolves. The rear section of the truck is blue with Prime’s silver thighs connecting it to the cab bringing back memories of Energon/Armada/G1 Optimus. There are no hints that this figure is meant to be a fire truck. The length of the rear is too long to have a traditional trailer attached leaving the figure with a look similar to a flat bed tow truck. Prime only has six wheels (four rolling) instead of the eight appearing on the large version. Considering all of the differences between this figure and the large mold the only gripe I have with this figure is that the head just doesn’t fold down quite far enough, were it designed to be pushed down a little further this mode would be flawless.

Robot Mode:
This is the mode which this figure comes packaged in, which makes sense as it most closely resembles its cartoon incarnation in this mode. While clearly lacking many of the molded details and paint applications of its leader class version this figure’s robot mode is instantly recognizable as Cybertron Prime. The robot mode features red, metallic blue, and silver with yellow and white accents. Some of the most noticeable coloration differences between this budget version and the larger version include the piece making up the pelvis which is primarily yellow and the head sculpt.

The head sculpt looks good for a toy of this size including a clearly defined faceplate cutout for the mouth. The paint application here leaves a bit of something to be desired. The head is primarily blue with the entirety of the face painted silver. It is unrealistic to expect the yellow details of the bigger version to be present on a toy that is this small, but the visual impact of this figure could have been greatly improved had a splash of color been added to the eyes as was for the G1 Universe Spychanger Optimus.

The Legends of Cybertron line is reminiscent of the RID Spychangers in price and size. The main differences are in the details and articulation. Prime’s articulation is somewhat greater than the typical Spychanger mold with four points of articulation instead of the typical two. Optimus has ball jointed hips, however truck parts prevent motion from going beyond standing straight up or kicking his feet straight out. This figure’s elbows are hinged allowing him to have about 180 degrees of elbow movement, which is not bad for a figure of this size. This figure is considerably more detailed than the similarly sized RID version and is much more stable in robot mode making this mode ideal for display.

Transformation: 8- The transformation of this figure seems similar to the larger version of the character, which gives it an interesting transformation for a glorified Spychanger.
Durability: 8- With a figure this small it is easy to imagine it being easily broken. The shoulder joints seem particularly weak during transformation.
Fun: 10- I really like the small figures in this line. If you like Minicons and Spychangers like I do you will love this one.
Price: 10- 2.99 retail. I picked up all four from the first wave and I have no regrets. The detailing is great, the transformations replicate the larger figures and they take up next to no shelf space.
Overall: 10- This figure is great. If you see him on the shelf pick him up; you won’t be sorry.
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