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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Justin's review of: Legends of Cybertron Starscream

Name: Starscream
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Two-and-a-half inches of Airborne Fury.
Subgroup: Earth Planet

Unsurpassed in ego and ambition, STARSCREAM is the scheming second-in-command to MEGATRON. With his mastery of the sword, null-ray cannons that can disrupt the functioning of even the most hardened AUTOBOT and a vast array of secondary weapons, STARSCREAM is second only to MEGATRON and OPTIMUS PRIME in power. His speed is uncanny, often giving slower 'bots the impression that he actually teleports around the battlefield.

Left stranded on Earth to battle JETFIRE - the only AUTOBOT warrior capable of even coming close to matching STARSCREAM for speed or skill in aerial combat - he plots to seize a Cyber Planet Key for himself in order to gain the power he needs to finally overthrow MEGTARON and take command of the DECEPTICON army himself. Though his battle prowess is legendary, he lacks the practical intelligence to hide his ambition from his leader, and MEGATRON is more than aware of his plotting.

Vehicle Mode:
Legends of Cybertron Starscream transforms into a futuristic jet similar to the seeker design used in the original cartoon while on Cybertron. As a child I was never very fond of their Cybertronian modes because they struck me as boring flying triangles. The design used for this Starscream figure pays tribute to this original concept while modifying it to closely resemble the design from Dreamwaveís War Within Series.

The colors in this mode are quite faithful to the Supreme figure. The main body of the plane is made up a rather bland off-white color with some red accents, black nose, and purple cockpit, which is painted rather than molded translucently.
The accent colors are not as abundant as they are on the larger mold (but you didnít expect them to be did you?), but the designers placed them strategically leaving the colors looking nearly perfect. The paint application looks good for a figure in this size and price range. The colors are vibrant and the lines between colors crisp and definite. Legends Starscreamís head is painfully visible in jet mode, its presence made more apparent by the lack of black coloring sported by Supreme Screamer on the fuselage near it.

This figure was given a generous amount of molded detail. Every surface of this mode is peppered with layered panels. The vents from the larger figure are there, and the guns beside the cockpit are molded in, including what looks like a gear train by which they would rotate. Itís little details like this that could easily be left off without major impact on appearance that make me such a fan of the Legends of Cybertron figures.

Robot Mode:
Transforming Starscream is a straightforward affair sharing much in common with the other molds of this character. The thing that struck me about this figureís robot mode when I transformed it for the first time was how perfect the proportions are. They are not exactly humanoid, but they look great.

The colors in this mode look about the same as in Jet mode with the only real difference being additional black used for the hands and thighs. A single Decepticon logo graces Starscreamís chest, which stands out nicely against the red. In this mode the cannon and sword may be swung down from the arms to give him that armed to the teeth look that many of us prefer our transformers to have. The weapons are obviously not activated by a planet key or button on a figure this size, and are black instead of translucent purple. I prefer the black weapons to the Energon variety, they somehow manage to seem more threatening to me.
Most of the molded details from the Jet surfaces carry over into robot mode so the only really new detail to talk about here is the head sculpt. Starscreamís head sculpt threw me for a bit of a loop. Though this line has excellent sculpts this one is just very detailed and clean looking. Upon picking it up for a closer look I just noticed more details. The vents and raised geometric details from the larger version are nearly all present. The mouth line is clearly defined from the chin exceeding my expectations. The only thing that would have made this figureís head more impressive would have been colored eyes, but given the shape and size of this figures head it likely would have turned out sloppy and taken away from its visual appeal.

Now to get to what may be the most impressive thing about this figure- posability. While most of the small figures I have seen from this line have a fair amount of articulation this one gives many of the Energon basics and deluxes a run for the money. Starscreamís shoulders feature a somewhat unique ball joint. The arms have a narrow rod which extends into the body where the socket is located. The head can be turned 360 degrees, but can be difficult to get a hold on to reposition due to the protrusions surrounding it. The hips and knees are joined with traditional ball joints to meet all of your kicking and running needs. The feet are hinged allowing 180 degrees of motion which you may find some use for that I have as of yet not (Ballerina poses? Are you serious?). The only thing coming up short in this department is the lack of a useful elbow joint. As a result of the transformation the elbow does bend, however only in the backwards direction which is a bit of a let down, but all things considered does little to lessen my opinion of this figure.

Transformation: 8-The transformation mimics the larger versions of Starscream very well without feeling fragile.
Durability: 10- Of the first 4 Legends figures released screamer feels like he is the most durable. The joint types and plastic quality feel superior to the others.
Fun: 10- Recognizable as Starscream, very well detailed and articulated, the only way I could see you not enjoying this figure would be if you despised transformers and all that they stand for.
Price: 10- 2.99 retail. Need I say more? I think not.
Overall: 10- Cheap as dirt, displays well, posable enough to play with. Come on, you canít lose.
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