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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Numbat's review of: LOC Evac

Name: Evac
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Earth Guardian
Sub-Group: Legends of Cybertron

Evac loves flying on Earth almost as much as he loved soaring over the epic skylines of Cybertron. He's been in hiding on Earth since guardianship of the Planet Key was passed on to him millions of years ago. He feels a keen affection for the people of Earth, whose history he has observed from its very beginnings. It frustrates him that the Transformers must keep their presence on Earth a secret, because he recognizes the potential value of the humans as allies. Courageous, determined and gentle, Evac avoids fighting when he can, but if forced into combat, he can be a very tough opponent. He is dedicated to the protection of other life in all its forms.

As anyone who has read many of my reviews will have gathered by now, I'm a great fan of wee Transformers. Yet, it has taken a while for me to hit on Legends of Cybertron. This is not for lack of motivation, though I've just not been able to find any in the stores in Dumfries & Galloway, and they are way overpriced on eBay and in mail-order shops! But, at last, my local Tesco (purveyors of a wide range of poor quality goods and tasteless foods...) are selling them! Well, Evac and Scourge at least...

Interestingly, the Voyager-scale Evac has never appealed to me. Yet, when I saw the Legends of Cybertron version, I was blown away!

So, happily, I purchased Evac along with my weekly ration of squid!

I certainly was not disappointed... (although, for 2.97, that would be a challenge!)

For those readers not up on the Cybertron line, Legends of Cybertron are mini versions of larger figures. Not new characters, but at the same time, unlike the Spychanger versions of some RID characters, these guys aim to stay pretty true to their larger counterparts in all respects.

Does Evac measure up to his 3?

Read on...

Alternate Mode:
Evac's alternate mode, just like his Voyager-scale counterpart, is a yellow rescue chopper. However, this version only measures 4 1/2 (11.5cm) long! (Note: Although niftily small, this is still larger than the largest World's Smallest Transformer figure, Convoy's trailer.)

For his size, he has an exceptional amount of detail both molded and painted.

The rotor housing has beautifully sculpted vents and other details, and the housing for the rescue line is there, but lacks the hook. White is used to colour the tail and add to the side. The pale blue of the Voyager figure is absent, but the dark blue is there. The windows are a really nice metallic blue. Red is also used to add highlights with the perfect tail stripe along the border of white and yellow epitomizes the unusual quality for such a low-priced figure.

You'll notice that the deep blue is evident on the rear, top and rotors (only two blades, as opposed to the larger Evac's four) in this miniature version of Evac.

The missile launchers (activated by the Cyberplanet Key in the Voyager-scale version) are permanently forward, which is a pity as, given the amount of small joints already in the toy, there should have been little difficulty adding a rudimentary hinge here. Still, if you had to freeze them in one position, this is definitely the best (for helicopter and robot modes).

The only other negatives are the hole through the rear body of the copter (as a result of slight simplification and miniaturisation of the transformation), and lack of even permanently extended landing gear.

Robot Mode:
The transformation is very close to the Voyager-scale Evac, and rather complicated for such a small figure. There are a lot of joints, but most of these can detach happily if you do something a little daft (not too difficult given the size of the figure). Also, although it is recommended, and certainly a lot easier to complete the transformation with the rotor detached, it can be done with the blades still in place.

Standing 3 (7.5cm) tall at the head (4 [10cm to cannon tips]), the robot is nicely small and dainty.

Perhaps the first thing you notice about the robot mode (you will before you buy - he comes packaged in robot mode) is the proportions. Evac always had long legs and a short body, but the LOC incarnation has exaggerated both of these. Still, it's hardly the end of the world, as he does look pretty cool in my opinion.

Dark blue plays a more central role in this mode, but yellow still steals the day. The knees have red highlights, while red is also used on the chest. However the latter is used to poor effect, given it is difficult to see on the dark blue.

Details are all nicely sculpted, however, with a nice balance of detail and simplicity perfect for the scale. The face designed on the same principles works well, with red eyes and a silver-blue helmet.

I like the degree of asymmetry to Evac's robot mode, exhibited in the arms. One has the rescue line, and the other the rotor assembly. There are also little holes in the hands.

Unlike the Voyager version, there is no option to fold the tail 'wings' down, but I'm fine with that as I think he looks far better with them extended. The cannons point upwards, which does look a lot better than you'd perhaps think. They cannot be flipped forward without covering Evac's head, though.

Topping the detail off is the beautifully printed Autobot insignia on the right tail 'wing'.

Serious negatives? Articulation. Now, the legs are brilliantly articulated, but the arms are left short... Not literally the arm proportions are actually great. The trouble is, they cannot move forward either at the elbow or shoulder, seriously limiting poseability. Although not totally drastic given the scale and price, it is needless and so unfortunate.

I actually very much like this figure. Why I like him so much, and not his larger counterpart is difficult to say. However, I think, somehow, the colours look less garish in a smaller toy, and I just plain like wee Transformers.

Still, my enjoyment of the fellow has encouraged me to consider the larger Evac if I ever find him on sale.

That's how good this guy is!

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 8 I think the transformation is superb for the size, both in complexity and enjoyability. Still, it does not match, say, WST Megatron by any means but the price tag reflects this.
Durability: 7 He is not the most sturdy Transformer that ever was. The plastic, unsurprisingly, feels a little weak, but the detachable joints do help improve the life expectancy.
Fun: 6 He is good fun, but the lack of (useful) articulation in the arms seriously hampers the score.
Price: 10 If you can find him in a store (which most of us ought to be able to, unless you live in the back-of-beyond like me), then the price far overshadows any negatives the figure may have. I got mine at 2.97 ($5.50) at Tesco, and I'm sure that's normal for the UK, and will be lower in the US. Still, he is often overpriced on-line (especially after postage).
Overall: 7 He's hardly a must own, but makes an excellent addition to a collection of small Transformers, or is just a good way to brighten your day!

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