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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: LOC Galvatron

Name Galvatron

Affiliation Decepticons

Sub-group Giant planet Leader class

Function Leader of the Decepticons

Decepticon leader and intergalactic criminal.

NOTE : I found this Galvatron at a local K-mart, alone. The chances of finding another one are slim to none. He can be bought at many sites on the web.

Robot mode

I start with robot mode since, at least for Legends of Cybertron figures, they are packaged in this mode.

Galvatron's robot mode is pretty much a down scaled version of the Leader class Galvatron. It has for the most part the same color scheme: a lot of grey mixed with some black arms and legs a touch of red on the shins and belly with purple face color. All Galvatrons need purple. The sculpture has a good amount of detail. The face has a little smile and an evil look. The body, legs, and arms are all well carved in the likeness of the larger figure. The articulation has a few problems. Mainly the arms, they are only articulated at the joint where the arm attaches to the shoulder, the shoulder can not move nor can the elbow just the arm below the shoulder, and it is a very limited motion ball and socket joint. To contrast the legs have a good range of motion, flexible ball and socket joints in the hips and knees provide almost the same articulation as the large figure. The head has up and down motion as well. The toy has no weapons, so you'll have to pretend he's throwing lightning or something.

Vehicle mode

After a moderately difficult transformation he goes from a poorly "armed" robot to a nice looking demon car. The car mode is a futuristic and quite evil looking racer, probably made for mowing down Autobots. It looks fast and intimidating and is larger than the robot mode in length. The sculpt is good, like the robot mode's, and it appears to be an accurate replica of the larger. The only problem I have with it is the wheels. It has those hidden in a fake wheel, which I despise, but in general they work and blend in well.

Price: 10 At $3.99 he's a bargain.

Durability: 8 Doesn't seem to be too easy to break.

Transformation: 7 Actually kind of hard for a small guy.

Fun: 7 He's a little Galvatron. What’s not to like? The articulation hurts his score.

Overall: 7. A good figure with much detail and better colors than the Megatron but the articulation problem and the lack of weapons makes him just not the same as a Galvatron should be. If you are a fan of this character or need a leader for your LOC Decpticons, then go for it. Other wise you might want to get Starscream or Sunstorm.

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