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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius's review of: Cybertron Megatron

Name: Megatron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Decepticon Leader
Sub-Group: Triple Changer

For millions of years, MEGATRON has led fanatical legions of evil DECEPTICONS on their war for conquest of the Universe. A living weapon with dozens of self-inflicted modifications made in the name of increased power and destructive capability, his only weakness is his single-minded desire for the enslavement of the Universe. His intellect, ego and talent for deception are second to none, and he rules his DECEPTICONS with an iron-fisted combination of fear and force of personality. Driven by a nearly insane lust for power, MEGATRON managed not only to survive the catastrophic implosion of UNICRON, but also to absorb much of his power. Now, wearing salvaged pieces of the ancient destroyer's armor, MEGATRON is awesomely powerful, and is determined to beat OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS to the lost Planet Keys.

Before I begin the review, I'd like to note that at the time of writing this review, its been one year since I got active on TFA and began to write reviews for the site, and its definitely been great to help out. Anyway...

Cybertron Megatron is a beautiful, colorful, poseable piece of plastic that demands to stand on your shelf or desk. The toy is a nice large size, though dwarfed by Starscream, and may very well be the BEST Megatron to date. Let's take a look and see why.

Robot Mode:
Megatron comes packaged in this mode. Once removed from the box itís hard not to bask in awe at the details and time that went into making him. His body has numerous little details all over it, and the shape definitely gives off a strong, confident, dangerous feeling that I beleive surpasses Energon Galavtron greatly. Why is that? Massive limb articulation. Sure he got screwed in the head and mid section, but his legs and arm are so poseable thatís hard not to find a pose that makes him look powerful and eager to kick some Autobot ass. The only way to get him anymore articulate is to give him a better neck and individual articulated fingers. That would be awesome, but unrealistic since that would cost too much. Also, I like how the wheels beef up his legs so they don't look thin and flimsy, definitely need for Autobot booty kicking action. His colors this time round are purple, black, gray, orange, white, and some green and red for details. Megatron also has a gun that isn't a Minicon, or an large bulky vehicle either. Using his Cyber Key on front wheel opens the frame and allows you to remove the wheel itself, turning it into a gattling! It even has a little handle you can crank to rotate it. Sweet! Unfortunately...with Cybertron being a dub and forced to link up with Energon, there's still a hint of Unicron, hence Meg's second "weapon". Unlocking his left front wheel releases the frame, raising its spike to become "Unicron Power Claws". Yeah...I don't see how he is supposed to use that, let alone hold it. I'm sure it looks better in the show if he even used it, but I have missed a lot of Cybertron thanks to work, so I don't know if he has. Just leave it alone.

Vehicle Modes: "Batmobile" Mode:
Megatron turns into a perfect representation of the Batmobile, if not an even better version that leaves poor Bruce crying late at night. The details and look of this mode are just sleek, beautiful, and amazing. Inserting the Cyber Key into the slot just above the turbine engines activates a revving sound and lifts the jets up into the active position. It also spins the turbines within the engines to simulate a turbo boost. While this mode is just as strong as Megís robot mode, it has two little problems. The purple flaps that fold over the legs just hang down at the very back of the car. It looks cool I admit, but its a poor way to deal with the transformation, and they tend to drag on the ground as well. The other problem is the large back wheel don't really touch down on the ground that much, so if you give Megs a push his body will drag and scrape. However, itís easy to ignore those two little problems and admire this awesome vehicle.

Vehicle Modes: "Jet" Mode:
Here's where the designers slacked off on Megs. To convert him into jet mode, just separate the front of the car and fold it back until it plugs into the back wheels. Thatís it...and its very very weak. I admit though, its very Energon Scorpinok-esque, but thatís all it has in this form. My advice is to put it into this mode once, just to see how its looks, and then just forget about it. Just leave him in car or robot mode.

In closing, Cybertron Megatron is a very good toy thanks to the efforts of Takara and Hasbro, however, whoever approved that lame jet mode needs to be dealt with. Thatís just pathetic.

Transformation: 9 - Lots of flips, folds, and plugging. If you feel the need to, use the directions.
Durability: 9 - He feels very tough, but a little loose in the legs and feet due to his transformation and articulation, but he still will be able to stand and strike tons of poses.
Fun: 9 - A great gun, robot mode, car mode, and more articulation then many other Transformers his size, Cybertron Megatron has so much to offer.
Price: 5 - $40, pricey, but you get what you pay for. And in the case of Megatron, thatís a good thing.
Summary: 9 - Cybertron Megatron should be in your collection. Make sure you grab him!
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