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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: Optimus Prime (Cybertron deluxe Armada remold version)

Name Optimus Prime

Function Commander of the Autobots

Sub-group Cybertron Planet Deluxe Class

Fearless leader of the Autobots for as long as anyone can remember, Optimus Prime is a wise commander as well as a fearsome warrior. Despite his power, he prefers to resolve conflicts without violence, believing that even the most dedicated criminal can be redeemed. Many unfortunate villains have mistaken his compassion for weakness, and paid the price of evil at his mighty hands.

This Optimus has been a favorite of mine for the past few months, even replacing my Super Optimus from Armada on my display. That is why I chose to write about him. Indeed he is the poor man's Optimus, a direct repaint of the deluxe Armada Prime with
a planet key instead of a Minicon. Where to begin?

Vehicle Mode

Optimus' vehicle mode is, of course, a semi truck, just without the trailer, due to size. The design is slightly futuristic, with a few exposed bolts and wires. It is a long nosed truck, not the flat version the original, Energon, and Classics Primes are. It has two Minicon ports left over from Armada, neither of them do anything in this mode, but hold Minicons, of course. The paint is a bit darker than the Armada version. It is mostly red and black with grey grill plating and blue striping on the mounts for the exhaust pipes. The wheels roll well, which is something I personally enjoy. It is a fitting mode for an Optimus and I like it.

Robot Mode

First, I must note I like his robot mode, but he sticks together better in vehicle mode. The shoulders fall off during transformation, if you are not careful, and so does the chest plate. Once in robot mode they should stay on, though. The articulation is much better than Armada's Super Optimus. The head is jointed on a ball and socket. The arms are articulated on the shoulders, and can bend at the elbows. The leg is articulated in the hip and the knee. The hip joint isn't able to bend enough to let him sit down though. He also has movable leg plates, rear plate, feet, arm plates. The colors are equally as good in this mode as the other, and also make him look darker, but in a good way. The face sculpt is very detailed with a face plate and deep yellow eyes that sort of trance you into staring at him.

The weapon level on him is lacking. He has no big gun to scare enemies with instead little wrist guns which are cool but not as cool as the big gun. The planet key feature is supposed to be a punching action but itís really more of a shoulder shuffling action which is very weak. The key doesn't even stay on while youíre using it, even though it has a Powerlinx hole on it. A good figure in all but action.

Transformation: 5. Easy but it sticks A LOT.

Durability: 6. Due to sticking pieces fall off.

Fun: 10. Even without a gun or a cool action he's Prime.

Price: 10. $10 , great deal for an Optimus Prime

Overall: 10. Mainly because he's Prime I rated him this way. I mean he's my hero and I owe him it .

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