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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Neuronutter's review of: Cybertron Quickmix

Name: Quickmix.
Function: Chemical Engineer

I passed up on this toy a couple of times and regretted it when I went back to claim him and he’d gone. So when I found him at my local TRU I snapped him up and was glad I did. A nice homage to the G1 toy of the same name, he combines two good modes to give a rounded update of a classic character.

Errm. I don’t really remember the Quickmix of G1. I don’t think I ever had him as a toy and I don’t remember any appearances in comic or cartoon so I can’t comment on the similarities. What I will say is that the homage adds to an already good toy. If I remember correctly though Quickmix was a Targetmaster so the addition of a minicon to this toy adds another layer to the homage.

Alternate mode
Quickmix, unsurprisingly, is a cement mixer in alt mode. He is mostly orange and black with a few dashes of white, yellow and gray. The toy is quite sturdy and robust and feels very tough, except for the mixing drum. The alt mode hides the robot well, except for the hand at the back of the vehicle and the obvious head on the underside. I really like this mode; its very chunky and feels like a good choice of vehicle for a TF on Earth. It’s something that would blend in, serve a useful function and who’d suspect a cement mixer of being a TF? While I usually love the military vehicles thinking them more useful in an intergalactic war, this one appeals to me as well.

Quickmix’s minicon is Stripmine, a drill. Personally, I like the addition of some minicons to the Cybertron range. They haven’t been forgotten since Armada, and have been used in some nice ways complementing some of the larger TFs. Stripmine is mainly bright blue with some yellow, in contrast to Quickmix and an odd choice. He’s a simple minicon, with massive arms in robot mode, and complements Quickmix well, adding to the play value of the toy. He can bind to the mixing platform of Quickmix to form a mounted weapon, or in robot mode man Quickmix’s main weapon, which is activated by inserting the Cyber key.

When you insert the Cyber Key the mixer’s drum opens revealing a functional missile launcher. I like the idea of Quickmix having a concealed weapon that can be activated, again adding to the idea of him being hidden on Earth, but not defenseless. Functional vehicles that make a great disguise but leave the ‘bot weaponless and lack these sort of gimmicks always left me cold, but this guy I like.

Robot mode
The transformation is relatively simple and once you convert him to robot mode he looks quite powerful. He’s short and stocky and wields a massive right arm. He doesn’t feel oddly proportioned due to the articulation of his right arm, which is in contrast to various other recent TFs, such as Cybertron Mudflap and Energon Shockblast. Quickmix is well balanced due to some massive feet and well proportioned overall. He also has a nice head sculpt with a helmet and microphone/antenna sculpted into the left side of his face. He does have a few downsides however. His left arm faces downwards making him look like he’s always challenging someone to a fight. Making the use of a gun in this hand awkward since he has to have his arm out fully to point it at someone. There’s a minicon port on this arm allowing you to attach Stripmine, but he has to be in drill mode and you have to either extend his feet or slightly adapt him another way to attach him.

He can also do a funky shoulder shrug dance thing if you push his legs together. It's really funky!

Transformation: 4. Quite simple and quite solid.
Durability: 8. A strong, chunky and durable toy.
Fun: 8. Lots of play value and a fun gimmick.
Price: 7. I always think £20 is a lot for a voyager, but some I haven’t minded too much and this in one of those times.
Overall: 8. Despite a few little faults I really like Quickmix. He’s a good figure without the homage; with it he’s great. Two nice modes and a useful gimmick combine into a great figure. Throw in the minicon too and you’ve got a toy with a lot of play value and appeal.

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