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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: Ransack

Name: Ransack
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Racer/Conspiracy Theorist
Sub-Group: Speed Planet

Skittish and suspicious, RANSACK is a loudmouth bully, always ready to intimidate others into giving him what he wants, but only when his big partner CRUMPLEZONE is around. With the energy of the Speed Planet flowing through his circuitry, everything about him is fast - sometimes too fast. Unable to stop thinking or moving, his hyperactive mind tends to draw connections between unconnected things, and he sees conspiracy everywhere.

From the last few minutes of the third Cybertron episode, I'd seen that Ransack definitely does rely on Crumplezone. The way his voice is carried and his mannerisms also do say a definite punk who has more bark then bite. However, his figure is rather interesting and fun for being a small Scout Class figure.

Vehicle Mode:
Ok, I really love motorcycle Transformers. Sideways has been my favorite for a long time, but Ransack looks to give him a very good run for his money. His motorcycle mode reminds of the light cycles from Tron, and thanks to his clear red wheels, I could actually see this toy giving off a light trail had Hasbro wanted it too. The cycle itself is very sleek and well designed. The whole futuristic look works well for him, and makes me wish cycles like this existed. However, besides looking really good, Ransack doesn't do anything else in this mode.

Robot Mode:
Ransack is much smaller then I would've expected. I know the Scouts wouldn't be that big, but his size still sent me for a brief loop. His robot mode is fitting for one his size. He's not well armored, very vulnerable looking, and definitely needs Crumplezone around. His colors are mainly red and black, with some gold and silver along the way. Due to his small size and simple transformation, he is really flexible and can strike a good number of poses. His face also has a perfect smirk, completing his overconfident feeling. I also like the way his shoulder armor works. It looks really cool, and gives him a little bit of intimidation factor, but due to his side and flimsy nature (not poseability wise though), he can't come off as anything but a big talker. Plugging his Speed Planet Cyber Key into the seat of the cycle unveils his double-barreled blaster. The weapon is a bit large for a Transformer of his side, but it helps out with his lack of intimidation. And besides, the bigger the gun, the bigger the fun.

Transformation: 3 - Extremely simplistic and easy. Do you honestly need directions for him?
Durability: 8 - His body design is a bit flimsy, but it doesn't look flimsy enough to break.
Fun: 8 - He doesn't have much to do, but his looks and vehicle mode should be more then enough.
Price: 7 - For being around $7, Ransack is a pretty good buy.
Summary: 7.5 - Not the best toy out there, but he is definitely one of the best-looking Scout Class TFs from the Cybertron line. I recommend you grab him.

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