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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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optimusskids's review of: Cybertron Scattorshot

Name: Scattorshot
Sub-Group: Earth Planet

Possibly the most neurotic Autobot ever created, Scattorshot always gets the job done. As the right hand bot to Jetfire in protecting Earth, he worries so much about messing up in front of his legendary commander that he sets a nearly impossible standard for himself. Despite his clumsiness, he somehow never seems to fail, but his good luck just serves as proof to him that somewhere in the universe is a huge store of bad karma just waiting for the right moment to come crashing down on him.

Alternate Mode:
What can I say about Scattorshot? He is a very nicely armoured halftrack, and boy does he pack a punch! He has his two main missile launchers, plus his gun, which fits nicely on top of his cab. Then, there's his planet key feature: two banks of rocket launchers; nine in the top bank, and ten in the bottom one.

Vehicle wise, he's a definate improvement over the last halftrack we had (Signal Flare). There are no robot mode features visible unless you peer at his underside. The one niggle I have about this mode and the mold in general is the use of the olive green bits. In my opinion, it doesn't go quite well with the blue colouring.

Robot Mode:
Scattorshot is fairly easy to transform. He's also a nice little figure with two exceptions: more of the olive green is revealed, and his eyes are yellow, bulging affairs. With a close look at his head, there seems to be a space just above his mouth that would make a more sensible place to put his eyes. I'm tempted to put in a couple of dots of colour and treat the yellow affair as some kind of goggles pushed up on his forehead, tank commander style. (I am informed that they are goggles, but are still a bit on the bright side for my liking; a nifty nod to actual tank commanders, though).

As for the rest of the robot, he has nice solid legs with the tracks forming the fronts. He has two banks of four barrels above each shoulder, and along with his double barreled gun, he packs a fair punch in robot mode. You can also flip his main missile battery up and over his shoulders if you push the shoulder-mounted armament to one side.

This, along with the key operated rockets, gives him an extremely impressive thirty-one pieces of weaponry pointed at the enemy. Unfortunately, to do this he needs to have his back against something, or else he falls over backward (which is the same effect as if he'd fired his whole armoury at once, I imagine).

As for articulation, his arms move back and forth at the shoulders and his elbows are on a ball joint, so they are also very flexible. His legs however are another kettle of fish entirely. The only movements the joints allow here are lateral, so if you wanted to pose him riding a horse, then you could get away with it, as his hips and knee joints allow him to be bow-legged fairly easily. But that's about it.

Transformation: 3. Easy, and can be done without reference to the instructions.
Durability: 7. The spring may break if overused.
Fun: 6. Nice little minature, armoured halftrack... I can just see it heading up a relief convoy of minibots.
Price: 8. Very reasonably priced, especially with all the features.
Overall: 7. A nice little addition to your Autobot ranks.
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