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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Kamen's review: Shortround

Name: Shortround
Fuction: Transport
Subgroup: Cybertron Basic Vehicles

Some might call Shortround obsessed because of the way he follows Thunderblast around, but most Decepticons just call him annoying. Still, he serves his purpose running supplies at speeds up to 250mph over land and sea, and whenever the Autobots show up he freaks out - filling the air with enough super heated plasma to allow other Decepticons to escape in the confusion. He may be a nerd, but at least he's a destructive nerd.

Alternate Mode:

Wow. Thatís the best way to describe Shortroundís hovercraft mode. The level of detailing that went into this guy puts most larger figures to shame. Granted, it could merely be because all the details are crammed together, or a trick of his also fantastic paint job. I am not willing to let either of those possibilities detract from what is a very good mode, though. Aside from the detailing and colour palette, Shortround rolls extremely well on the three wheels underneath his skirt; in fact, he rolls much better than many figures who are supposed to have wheels! Insert a Cyber Key into the port at the rear of the vehicle and his engines will flip forward to reveal missile launchers. Itís an unobtrusive ability, and the catches are actually weak enough that you can forgo the Key . I havenít used the Key since I first got him, and there have been no ill effects, though I canít guarantee that they will hold up after extensive or continuous play. The only thing that detracts from this modeís strength is that his robot head is plainly visible on the top of the hovercraft, though it can be somewhat hidden by plugging his weapon into the tab just in from of the head. However, doing so kinda ruins this paint scheme as there is suddenly a block of teal.

Even so, Shortround has one of the best vehicle modes Iíve seen for a small figure.

Robot Mode:

Wow. Thatís the best way to describe Shortroundís robot mode. Although I normally like strangely proportioned robot modes, Shortround showcases how that route can be a very bad idea. His detailing is still pretty goodĖI particularly like the scuba-mask sculpt for his faceĖand his colours still distribute nicely. Shortroundís articulation, however, is terrible. Although his legs are fairly standard for a basic, his arms, horribly long, mangled pincers, can only twist into unnatural contortions. This effect is made worse when your realize that his gun can only be held on the inside of the pincers. His key gimmick works here as well, but deploying the guns effectively robs him of head movement.

Yes, he can turn into a toilet. Get over it.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: Very simple. 2

Durability: He seems very sturdy. 10

Fun: Even though it doesnít do much, I find his vehicle mode to be quite amusing. His robot mode makes me sad. 5

Price: Iíve seen him anywhere from $8-25(!) USD. Frankly, Iíd look for him in the bargain bin instead. 3

Overall: Despite a strong showing in vehicle mode, his robot mode is a horror. Perhaps pick him up if you find him cheaply; otherwise, donít waste your time hunting him down. 4
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